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Diane RobertGreetings, my name is Diane Robert.   I first launched this website over a decade ago to showcase the extraordinary work of  David Gentle, internationally acclaimed Author and Historian of Physical Culture.  Along with being a prolific writer, David has been a special friend over the years and it is a privilege and honor to know him and be involved in his work. 

I first became interested in physical culture after meeting my husband Leo Robert.  As some of you will recall, Leo earned a place in bodybuilding history when he was honoured the Mr. Universe Pro title at the London Palladium many decades ago.   Leo  continued to pursue his passion by helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.   He went on to own and operate several gyms in his hometown, Montreal, Canada. 

Leo Robert, Mr. Universe at the backdoor of the Palladium Theatre

Throughout the years Leo and I spent countless hours in the gym together where he taught me the fundamental principles of weight training, special "Universe" training tips and a large variety of workout routines.  Over the years I relied on these principles when training and still apply them to my workouts today.  Leo and I eventually opened a gym together on the West Coast of Canada which we ran for several years.  Leo's gentle, easy going nature and belief that "anything is  possible if we try" had a profound impact on my life. 

I have been a vegetarian for over 18 years and practice an organic lifestyle.  I believe that mankind is a custodian of our earth and that protecting our environment is one of the most important challenges of our time.     

For those interested in my background, I've worked in the health care industry for over 23 years.  After gaining experience in a few teaching hospital across Canada, I pursued a career in complementary and alternative medicine research. During my tenure,  I discovered my true passion....a holistic approach to health and wellness.   Today, I continue my quest to gain practical knowledge on this topic and apply what I've learnt to my daily life when possible. 

May your journey in life bring you peace, health and true happiness.  Stay Strong!
- Diane Robert

 You may reach Diane via email at  drobert@davidgentle.com  

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