Bodybuilding - David Gentle's Collective Works

A series of EBooks by David Gentle focusing on all aspects of bodybuilding including training systems, principals and posing techniques to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

Encyclopaedia of bodybuilding

Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding by David Gentle

""We have approximately 650 muscles, made up of pairs of muscles which, together with their tendons account for about 40 percent of a person's..."

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medicare for bodybuilding

Medicare for  Bodybuilding by David Gentle

"Although to some people modern bodybuilders with their extra massive arms thighs and chests, may look 'extra terrestrial', the fact is fitness fanatics..

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physical sculpture

Physical Sculpture  by David Gentle

"The illusion of bodybuilding.  What does it mean?  Do you have visions of everybody waving magic wands to produce 20" arms? Or does it just mean wearing.."

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selective bodybuilding

Selective Bodybuilding  by David Gentle

"Tabloids rarely report bodybuilding in a favourable light, especially female muscle builders, as witnessed a while back with an interview with six time British... " 

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systems and Principles body...

Systems and Principles of Bodybuilding

"Accidently overhearing a golfing commentary, it struck me (fore!!) how difficult it would be for the neophyte to understand seemingly meaningless…"

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the art of contest posing

The Art of Contest Posings by David Gentle

"Even in this so-called affluent age, many aspiring muscle-builders cannot always afford to buy large barbell sets.  Others, who do own plenty of equipment, may..."

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want to be a bodybuilder?

Want to be a Bodybuilder by David Gentle

"Your first step is to purchase a basic barbell and two dumbbells, with as much weight in discs as you can afford. Most intermediates and advanced bodybuilder.."

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