Weight Training, Part I - David Gentle's Collective Works

Part One of a series of weight training EBooks by Historian, David Gentle focusing on all aspects of weight training including schedules, exercises, instructions and training tips. 

all about biceps

All About Biceps by David Gentle

"Unless you have thighs like TOM PLATZ or 'lats' like SERGIO OLIVIA, if someone asks to “see your muscle" normally you would flex your arm and display tensed BICEPS."

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amazing grip strength

Amazing Grip Strength by David Gentle

"The passing of time is such that all men's early achievements eventually become surpassed. The field of strength is no different to any other sphere as...."

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a unique strength building..

A Unique Strength Building System by David Gentle

"For the bodybuilder, strength is a means to an end. He simply needs to employ very heavy poundages in his training in order to develop his muscularity to a maximum."

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b'builders, w/l & longevity

Bodybuilders, Weightlifting and Longevity by David Gentle

"For some reason weightlifting and its spin off bodybuilding, certainly in my youth (the fifties) had a bad press. 'Facts' like "lifting weights will rupture you" or "strong men.." 

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build a powerful neck

Build a Powerful Neck

"Appearance wise, the neck is one of the first things a bodybuilder will notice.   Two things struck me, when first I met Jeff King, and it wasn’t his left and right fist…"

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do it with dumbbells

Do It With Dumbbells by David Gentle

"Even in this so-called affluent age, many aspiring muscle-builders cannot always afford to buy large barbell sets.  Others, who do own plenty of equipment, may..."

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evolution of women...

Evolution of Women Weight Trainers

""There have always been exceptional strong women throughout history ranging from ancient female warriors to circus performers such as Katie Sandwina."

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gain an inch on your arms

Gain an Inch on Your Arms  by David Gentle

"It is simple, easy and works. A great innovated arm routine to swell the bi’s and pump your tri’s Give it a trial and be delighted with your new improved arm..."

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get big arms with a.m.p.

Get Big Arms with A.M.P. by David Gentle

"Little or no muscular growth is possible without sufficient muscular intensity stimulation and pump.  A.M.P. stands for AREA-MAXIMUM-PUMP the scientifically..."

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mind over muscle

Mind Over Muscle by David Gentle

"The brain is the most important body part - OK, we've heard it all before, but what does it really mean?  We take a look at some of the feats that can be achieved" 

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more muscle building tips 

More Muscle Building tips

"The important thing in any training routine is to be flexible, to recognize what works for you. Bodybuilding is not a fixed activity, but rather one that depends on..."

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muscle massage

Muscle Massage by David Gentle

"The natural therapeutic benefits of massage for helping promote vigorous health, improving circulation and banishing tension, have been known and practised."

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