Weight Training Part II -David Gentle's Collective Works

Part Two of a series of weight training EBooks by Historian, David Gentle focusing on all aspects of weight training including schedules, exercises, instructions and training tips. 

overtraining and energy levels

Overtraining and Energy Levels by David Gentle

"Emotions, as mentioned in the earlier article, can indeed be re-educated to be more positive and slanted to better thought patterns, but as anyone can..."

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powerful forearms

Powerful Forearms by David Gentle

"Of all the feats of strength performed, the most fascinating and easily appreciated by the ordinary man are those involving the muscles of the hand and ...."

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sleeve busters

Sleeve Busters by David Gentle

"Try these sleeve bursting biceps routines and exercises of the champions.  Designed to bring you maximum size, classic shape, and peak conditions, in the minimum of..."

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slim 'n' muscle up waistline

Slim N Muscle Up Your Waistline by David Gentle

"Obtain abdominal perfection and a slim healthy waistline with title winning “washboard” muscularity following our exercise and diet plan.  Not too many..." 

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the quest for muscles

The Quest for Muscles by David Gentle

"For making muscles the barbell rules!  O.K., but other things were tried.  Early training of the body, apart from sport skills, was usually in the combat area..."

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training on the incline

Training on the Inclines  by David Gentle

"Apart from the wide range of angles possible with an incline bench i.e. from horizontal through 45 degrees to 90 degrees or upright, the other..."

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training terrific triceps

Training Terrific Triceps by David Gentle

"Virtually all bodybuilders have a healthy desire to develop large, muscular arms and to try to emulate their champion hero, to receive top honors and possess full..."

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Triceps  by David Gentle

"How often you hear people say: "His biceps measure 16" meaning that his arms are 16".  And most of that mass is made up of the triceps, not the biceps!"

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try dips for development

Try Dips for Development  by David Gentle

"There is no doubt about it…'dips' are one of the finest of all exercises, presenting muscle building qualities in its many variations and progressive stages."

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unusual exercises

Unusual Exercises by David Gentle

"There are no ‘magic’ exercises, ‘secrets of strength' or infallible routines. As scientific as we try to be with diet, the human mind and body are far too complex for man...." 

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variety adds 

Variety Adds by David Gentle

"Unless you are on a specialization program, i.e. training for a powerlift, or Olympic lifting routine, to make an increase in body-mass or strength..."

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Waiting for the Weights

Waiting for the Weights by David Gentle

"Many people having made the decision to reshape their physique and build up some muscle, on sending away for barbells and dumbbell discover there is often a..."

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weight training for all sports

Weight Training for All Sports by David Gentle

"For contemporary contenders to win at their chosen game, they have to exploit every edge, mental and physical. Almost all sports require strength and muscular."

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