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Peter Yates, Editor-in-Chief

Peter Yates

Peter Yates has been involved in strength training and martial arts for over 50 years.

He has an interest in all strength related subjects especially the old-time strongmen.

Peter is the Chief Moderator of our Combat Arts & Sports Forum.  Please consider joining this interesting and informative discussion group.

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Sifu Luo Guo Hua by Gregory Winder (see writer's bio below)

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Daniel Carter, Contributing Writer

Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter was born in Norfolk, VA in 1985. One of his earliest memories goes back to when he was 3 or 4 years old, down in the den of his house where his father put a couple of 5lb plates onto a dumbbell bar for him so that he could lift along with his dad. This first sparked his interest in weight training, of which he got more interested in and serious about some 10 years later. Danny (as he's known) has since become interested in old time/old school physical culturists, strongmen, weightlifters and bodybuilders, as well as become a fan of strength athletics such as strongman, powerlifting and (Olympic-style) weightlifting. Danny's also a big fan of combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) among others, as well as professional wrestling.

Articles by Daniel Carter

Tom Ingegno , Contributing Writer

Tom Ingegno

Tom Ingegno is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Baltimore Maryland.  He trains HeBei Xing Yi Chuan and Yang TaiJi Chuan.  He is interested in all aspects of Oriental Medicine including some of the lesser recognized like meditation and qigong.

He has been training acupuncture and martial arts for over 16 years and thanks his mentor Peter Yates (a frequent contributor to this blog) for putting him “on the path.”

Articles by Tom Ingegno

Chris McAlister, Contributing Writer

Chris McAlister

Originally from the UK, Chris spent several years living and studying in East Asia. Besides learning oriental medicine he studied Qi Gong And Martial Arts from the following teachers, Ray Wilkie- Traditional Yang family Tai Ji Quan, Peter Yates- Eight Brocades Qi Gong, Lianggong Shi Ba Fa, Taiji Qi Gong, Greg Winder- Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Luo Han Qi Gong.

Peter introduced him to Master Share K. Lew who became his main Qi Gong teacher and taught him the following sets- Cloud Hands, Six Stars, Shen, Five Breaths and Earth Meditation.

Master Chen Pei ShanGreg Winder introduced him to Master Luo Guo Hua who became his main Kung Fu teacher and was taught the following styles, Hung Gar, Shaolin, Liu He Ba Fa, Yang Family Spear, Combined Drunken Fist and most specially Xing Yi Quan.  

Seen right - Chris' Teacher, Master Chen Pei Shan

Since the early 1990s Chris has lived in Sweden where he is a highly respected practitioner and teacher of Oriental Medicine, Qigong and Tai Chi. He has taught seminars in the UK, USA and Israel.

Articles by Chris McAlister

Louis Pontillo, Contributing Writer

Louis Pontillo

Louis Pontillo is a certified personal trainer, licensed acupuncturist and lifelong martial artist. He became interested in the martial arts and physical culture in his early youth, and pursued predominantly calisthenics until the age of eleven when he discovered an older brother's dusty weight set. An avid wrestler, weight lifter, and karateka through his high school years, Louis took up Yoga and Tai Ji Quan in his early twenties, as well as Kung Fu. He holds the rank of “black sash” in the Wu De Guan system of Kung Fu, and the rank of Nidan in Seito Gojuryu Karatedo. Louis offers classes in his local community in Tai Ji & Qigong, as well as Kung Fu. Now at age 38, Louis lives close to nature in Montville, Maine with his wife and three children.

Articles by Louis Pontillo

Mike Talish, Contributing Writer

Mike Talish

Mike Talish has been an athlete since he started playing football at seven years of age. He came under the tutelage of caring volunteer coaches who stressed proper physical fitness. Growing up, Mike became fascinated with fitness and nutrition, and he became active in various sports and outdoor activities, particularly mountain bike racing, orienteering and rock climbing.

At age 20, Mike joined the U.S. Army as a medic. It was during this time that he was introduced to martial arts by one of his sergeants, a former professional boxer. This sergeant also trained him in hand-to-hand combat and bodyweight callisthenic exercises. When he left the military, Mike had a new perspective on applying exercise for health, coupled with a desire to help others with his knowledge. After an extensive search, he found that studying acupuncture was his career calling. As such, he has been running a successful acupuncture practice in Long Island, N.Y. since 1999. And, Mike continues his devotion to the practice of authentic martial arts and to physical training to this day.

Articles by Mike Talish

Gregory Winder, Contributing Writer


Greg Winder was born in New Zealand later moving to Australia and has lived in Japan, where he went to study Aikido, since 1989.He has studied the martial arts of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Royal Burmese Boxing, Yang Tai Chi and Luo Han Qi Gong under many prominent teachers most notable being Sifu Ezekiel Daniels, Sifu Howard Choy, Sifu Chen Yong Fa and Sifu Luo Guo Hua.

He now teaches Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Luohan Qigong in Tokyo as well as assisting his Taiwanese wife Meilien in managing a vegetarian restaurant "Seven Bells Cafe" in Tachikawa.  As a practicing visual artist he has had numerous exhibitions in japan and also New York. You can find his work on old blogs and more recent work on Facebook @Greg Winder, Tokyo.

Articles by Gregory Winder

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