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Enroll in David Gentle’s Personal Home Training Course offered exclusively on this website. 

Chris “Sticks” Bostick’s amazing artwork will motivate and inspire you!

David’s course contains step by step instruction along with fully illustrated exercises to help you succeed.    The course features three one-month schedules to build a solid muscular foundation to take you to the next level. It includes access to online support for all your training questions.

In addition to the opportunity to train under the guidance of expert David Gentle, you as a course subscriber will have access to all the advanced courses and archive information we can offer.  This will include specialized training on Powerlifting, Olympic-style weightlifting and strongman depending on your preference.  DIY building plans for racks, benches and simple strength machinery will be offered based on budget and tools/skills available.

"The modern equivalent of the old train by mail correspondence courses. Produced by David Gentle, one of the most knowledgeable and prolific writers of the IRON GAME and wonderfully illustrated by Chris Bostick this is sure to provide a firm foundation for anyone aspiring to become, strong, healthy and well developed. This step by step approach each course building upon each other in a time tested manner with personal attention from David is a real old school, modern day gem. Not just for the neophyte but for anyone interested in the history of physical culture and one of its main historians." - Peter Yates

Strut Your Stuff!

Participants of the course are invited to submit “BEFORE AND AFTER” photos for publication on this website (optional). We welcome you to send in progress reports to let us know how you are doing. Testimonials will be published in this section.  

Best Results Award

HOPC AwardIn recognition of the dedication and hard work that goes into weight training, the pupil who follows David's course and achieves the best results will receive  a special HOPC achievement reward from the History of Physical Culture.

 Stay tuned for more details.    

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