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George HummelJan. 2017

My Approach to Competitive Powerlifting
By George Hummel as Told to Bob Hoffman

Reproduction - Published in Muscular Development Magazine March/April 1979 

"While bodybuilding and powerlifting are considered separate sports and the training for them different, there have however been those who have been able to excel at both and manage to develop a training system that allows for both goals. George Hummel presents his training ideas in the March/April 1979 edition of Muscular Development.  This article still has some relevant advise for modern day lifters contemplating doing the same."-Peter Yates

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Kenny GuessOct. 2016

Push and Pull Training by Kenny Guess

"In a conversation with Mr. Universe Dennis Tinerino in the mid 1980s he mentioned that his best gains had come from a four-day push/pull split. Based upon his recommendation and tips I embarked upon a push/pull program and made some good gains too. Since then I have used the concept in various ways. The following program from Iron Man magazine is one that may be of interest to readers. For those who are older or who have limited recovery ability it can be done three times a week alternating push/pull sessions."-Peter Yates

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Arthur HarrisSept. 2016

Arthur Harris

"Starting the "Workout of the Month" with one from a largely forgotten bodybuilder who was among the finest of his generation, Arthur Harris. While I am sure Harris performed many types of training over the years this one is interesting as he uses only one exercise per body part. It is hoped that besides being of historical interest readers may derive some ideas for there own training from these posts. Good training."-Peter Yates

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