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Check out the latest PC news, articles, videos along with vintage photos, posters and ads. Calling all Maxaldists!!  See our Open Invitation below. 

Latest Installment

Muscle Art by Sticks

Chris Sticks BostickWe are pleased to announce that Chris "Sticks" Bostick is our new Art Director.  Enjoy his fascinating artwork and illustrated training articles.  Chris is not only a talented and creative  artist  but also an accomplished power lifter from the 70's . View Now 

Klein Bell Series

Klein BellKlein's Bell was first issued in June 1931 and ran monthly until Dec. 1932.  In Jan. 1933 it merged with 'Strongman Magazine'.  Each issue ranged from 4 to 8 pages. It was described as 'being published gratis for the pupils and friends of  Siegmund Klein's Studio.  View Now 

Maxalding Section

Max SickBased on popular demand...more wonderful images, articles and tidbits will be added soon!  Maxalding (originally called Maxaldo) was a name created from the founders, Maxick and Monte Saldo.  It first came into being in 1909.The Maxalding System, like the 'Dynamic Tension' system of Charles Atlas and those of others, did not use weights. View Now 

Viewer Submissions

David BlazerIf you have interesting PC tidbits, stories, photos or illustrations you'd like to share, please contact us.    
Seen left - David Blazer (1886-1940).  He joined the Navy at 16 and set up a physical training club on board the HMS Warspite. (Photo Album)  - Contributed by Grandson, David Blazer.

Vintage Photos & Adverts

Vintage photos and advertsWe are pleased to present to you the first in a series of Vintage photos, adverts and posters depicting the History of Physical Culture starting in the late 1800's.  If you have any interesting old archives you wish to share for an incoming series, please contact our Site Administrator.    View Now

Physical Culture in India


Enjoy our series of strength athletes from around the world. Browse the Photo Gallery of athletes from India who specialize in bodybuilding and amazing muscle control. Find books and articles from well-known authors who proudly represent India.   View Now


Dunkirk Evacuation

Dunkirk Evacuation
75th Anniversary

To mark the 75th Anniversary of the Dunkirk Evacuation, Contributing Author & Historian, Ron Tyrrell presents an interesting look at two British physical culture enthusiasts who played a role in the Dunkirk story.  We hope you will enjoy  "A Story of Two Dunkirk Veterans, Bob Iverson and Bob Jones" by Ron Tyrrell.  View Now


Magnificent Muscle Men

magnificent muscle men

We are pleased to announce the arrival of David Gentle's stunning photo collection representing over six decades in the Iron Game!  Through David's generosity we are able to offer a rare and fascinating look at MAGNIFICENT MUSCLE MEN from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding and beyond by world-class physique photographer, Russ Warner.  Join Today!


The History of Physical Culture 

Help us preserve the History of Physical Culture.  Please contact us if you have any interesting articles, photos or adverts you wish to share. 

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