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Program from New York World's Fair 1939 - Bernarr MacFadden Foundation

program from New York World's Fair 1939We hope you will enjoy this piece of nostalgia from American history.  1939
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Here is a reproduction of the official Program from the New York World's Fair held in 1939.

The Macfadden Corporation hosted a stand at the exhibition.

The Program features all the then current publications and offers a description of the Bernarr Macfadden Foundation."

David Jacob Blazer 1886 - 1940 by Roger Blazer (Grandson)

David Jacob BlazerIncluded is a wonderful photo album of David Blazer's stage act and British Professional Weight-lifting Association lift records.
Contributed by Author 
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"David Blazer was a successful strongman and was at his peak during the years leading up to the First World War (1914-1918). He was generally known as Seaman Blazer and Monte Saldo featured him in a number of advertisements for the Maxalding course. When the highly respected strength historian W. J. Lowry wrote his History of the 'Iron Game' he included David 'Seaman' Blazer." - Roger Blazer

Sandow - My Impressions When We First Met by Earle Liederman 

Eugen SandowPublished in Muscle Power (Canada) April/May 1946 
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"During the past few years so much has been written about Eugen Sandow. Some responsibility may be slapped upon our good friend Ernest Coffin, whose super-enthusiasm over Sandow has filled so many pages of Your Physique Magazine. As I have met Sandow, both socially and in a business way, perhaps there remain a few untold items of interest to Muscle Power readers. There were many things which happened between Sandow and me, bits of conversation, odd events during my visit to him in London back in 1924, contents of numerous friendly letters he wrote me, little keep-sakes and gifts he gave me, all of which have not been imparted." - Muscle Power (Canada)

Monte Saldo - The Sculptor's Dream by Ron Tyrrell

William BankierPart Two of "The Greatest of Trainers" by Ron Tyrrell -see below
Published in 2001/2002

Contributed by Author
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"Sculptor's Dream marked the end of Monte's stage career - he wanted to do other things, but what of brother Frank? Court Saldo's 1950 memoir of his uncle gives the best account - "Frank forsook the footlights and strongman sphere after serving in World War I, and proving that he had brains as well as brawn, became a lecturer on physical education at the University of London." - Ron Tyrrell

Monte Saldo "The Greatest of Trainers" by Ron Tyrrell

Monte Saldo "The Greatest of Trainers" by Ron Tyrrell Part One
Contributed by Author

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"Alfred Montague Woollaston, better known to the world by his stage name of Monte Saldo, was born in 1879 in Highgate, London, England, the son of Frederick Woollaston, a shoe manufacturer who was also a much respected Methodist preacher and faith healer. The Woollastons have always been known for their good works, which seems to be a way of life dating back to an ancestor Sir John Woollaston, a philanthropist who provided the finance to build the almshouses in Highgate's Southwood Lane. Young Monte developed a keen interest in strength athletics at an early age and was greatly encouraged, in this by his parents and his uncle, a police inspector." - Ron Tyrrell

The Chest Expander by alfred danks

The Chest Expander by Alfred Danks"For Abounding Health and Building Better Bodies"
PART ONE OF TWO (see below)
Published in
the 30's
Contributed by Raymond Brennan
View Now    "For quite a while pupils and friends have asked the question "Why don't you write a book on the expander?"  They were prompted, no doubt, to this query by knowledge of the fact that for over 35 years I have made the expander my special study that my own development was gained through the instrumentality of this simple but tremendously effective piece of physical culture apparatus."  - Alfred Danks

The Chest Expander by alfred danks

The Chest Expander by Alfred Danks"For Abounding Health and Building Better Bodies"
Published in
the 30's
Contributed by Raymond Brennan
View Now    "Now that the expander users have grown to such a vast army and signs are not waning that they will continue to increase numerically to an enormous extent, it would appear politic to conclude my work by pointing out some common faults which I notice when expander enthusiasts show me how they use their apparatus.  the three worst faults which occur to my mind are lack of concentration, working with a stiff wrist and breathing incorrectly."  - Alfred Danks

Reg Park, Britain's Greatest by John Mendes

Reg Park, Mr. Universe 1951Published in Health & Strength in 1952
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"John Mendes tells the story of Mr. Universe, 1951 and Britain's No. 1 Bodybuilder.  On a wet September night in 1951, a dark-haired, shy young man mounted the posing rostrum at London's Scala Theatre, smiled at the packed house and flexed an 18 l/2 inch arm.  There was a mighty roar of applause from the auditorium and many a shout of 'good old Reg'.  For the young man had just be chosen Mr. Universe 1951." - John Mendes

training for great strength by chas t. trevor

Training for Great StrengthPublisher:  Mitre Press, London, E.C.3. - New and Revised Edition
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"An Introduction to the science of strength and body-building by means of progressive weight-lifting."
"Almost every man or boy at some time or other has felt a keen desire to possess great strength, but very few indeed attain their object.  This is due in a great measure to an entirely mistaken outlook on the whole question of gaining great strength and muscular development." - Chas T. Trevor

Gripping Your Way to Strength by w. j. hunt

W.J. HuntView Now  

William Hunt was a star pupil of Maxalding and appeared in many of their adverts over the years as well as posing for some of the exercises that formed the Muscle Control course.

"Herculean Balancing Training is the Number One Routine I use at all times.  In 1931 I won County, Northern Counties, and British Olympic titles.  I did not touch a barbell till 1936, when I broke the British Press record." - W.J. Hunt

muscles of the body and how to develop them

Alan P. MeadPublisher - Link House Publications Ltd., London - Third Edition 1947
Contributed by John Digby
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Seen left - "The cover photograph is of Mr. Alan P. Mead, Britain's foremost exponent of muscle control."  This book contains, " a series of twenty exercises for developing every important muscle of the body and the proportions of ideal types of physique."  "It is a shameful thing." wrote Socrates, one of the wisest of the ancient Greeks, "to grow old in neglect without having realized to the utmost such strength and beauty as your body is capable of."

Marvelous Max - The Story of Maxick by Ron Tyrrell

Marvelous Max - The Story of Maxick by Ron Tyrrell Published in the Physical Culture Journal April, 2000 - No. 29 
View Now  "Some 45 years ago, I was introduced to the world of the old time strength athletes, and although I can marvel at the modern supermen, the strength athletes of yesteryear still hold the most interest for me, and none more so than Max Sick, better known to the world as Maxick.  From a sickly beginning, he became a great weightlifter, muscle control artist, gymnast., Herculean hand-balancer, music hall artist, artists' model, famous author, and co-founder, with Monte Saldo, of one of the world's most successful postal physical culture courses, as well as acquiring quite a reputation as an explorer." - Physical Culture Journal

The First Course in Body Building and Muscle Development Exercises

The First Course in Body Building and Muscle Development Exercise Issued by the Milo Bar Bell System Philadelphia, PA 
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"In making up the following instructions for the different exercises in our system, our aim has been to make the directions as brief, clear, and as concise as possible.  The pupil should read every word of the directions for any one exercise before attempting that exercise.  We state this emphatically because we find that there are a large number of men and boys who take one look at the illustration and think that is sufficient.  - Milo Bar Bell System

The Strongfort Advanced Course

Strongfort Advance CourseCorrespondence Course Published in 1922
"Strongfortism Reaches Every Park of the World"  
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"I am sending you some strength building movements for your first lesson, rather than feats of strength, for the purpose of preparing you for the actual feats of strength which you will get in your future lessons.  These movements, of course, are to be taken with a barbell, and I would suggest a weight that you can handle without special difficulty, but which will be heavy enough to interest you intensely." 

Eugen Sandow - The Non pareil

Eugen The Non-PareilPublished in Health & Strength - 1937  
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"Eugen Sandow - Just two words, but what a wealth of romance and magic is woven around them.  As the mind ponders upon that name it drifts back to mythology, where the lords of Valhall hold sway with the legendary heroes of Rome and Greece.  It hardly seems possible that the material world of the twentieth century every accepted a living individual, and cloaked him with the same glamour. But it did.  Eugen Sandow was not a myth, he was a living, breathing being of flesh and bone like you and me.  Yes, but such flesh and bone!" - Health & Strength

moulding the hips by george f. jowett

George F. JowettPublished in The Body Builder 1937
Fully illustrated exercise instructions
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"It is true that the buttocks, as part of a training program, are rarely if ever touched upon: nevertheless, it is a subject more important than some other parts of the body. From Biblical times the physical quality of a man has been referred to by the structure of his hips.  Frequently we read of some stalwart who had "broad shoulders, but lean of loin."   Just as the fullness of the hips characterizes woman, so does the compact muscularity of the hips identify man.  A body is grandly enhanced by the physical perfection of the Gluteal." - George F. Jowett

Introducing Scientific Body Culture by Ian MacQueen

Ian MacQueenMid 1940's - Scientific Body Culture, London, W.I.
Topics include:  Sleep, Diet, Clothing, Sun and Air BathingGeneral Habits and  Exercise.   Fully illustrated exercises by Ian MacQueen. 
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"A course of Physical Culture which is the result of years of study and many months of preparation by Ian MacQueen, a man with a physique which compares and indeed exceeds in beauty the development of the Trojans of the past, who now offers his unique methods to readers" - Scientific Body Culture

Life's Energy through Strongfortism by Lionel Strongfort

Ian MacQueenView Now  

Lionel Strongfort shares with his fans his personal and insightful Creed describing his Beliefs pertaining to Strength, Health and Moral welfare and how each is closely interwoven with Nature to form "Life's Energy". 

In many respects these thoughtful passages written many decades ago can still be applied to Life today.  
- Lionel Strongfort

Isometric muscle work by David gentle & David Webster

isometricsExcerpt from 'Developing Grip Strength' by David Gentle & David Webster . 
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"There are two main types of grip training: one is known as isotonic exercise, and the other is isometric exercise.  Isotonic exercises are those in which the muscles work through a wide range, alternately contracting and relaxing.  Most of the standard exercises come into this category. The other group, isometric exercises, is where the muscles work statically, at a fixed length, as in holding a position or straining against an immovable object." - David Gentle & David Webster

Joe Bonomo's Golden Dozen Body Conditioners by Joe bonomo

Joe Bonomo View Now  

"Proper Exercise and Proper Breathing are a daily must for good health.  The Human Body is divided into 10 systems.  Pick out a series of exercises that have been especially chosen to aid the functioning of these systems as they work out the 45 important muscle groups, which include the hundreds of muscles in your body. Pick out a series of 12 different Exercises each week.  Do each one at least 15 times daily, for a full week.  At the end of the week select a new series of 12 to make up your weekly "Golden Dozen".  Exercise at any time of the day that suits you best, but always allow at least one hour after eating.  These few Exercises should take you only 15 minutes ." - Joe Bonomo


Strong Arms for Men, Women and Children by Anthony Barker

View Now - Copyright 1938, Prof. Anthony Barker
Contributed by Gordon Anderson

Anthony Barker - Physical Culturist of 45 years standing.  Gives private instructions to pupils with great results and satisfaction to their good health.  In our up-to-date gymnasium at 1235-6th Avenue, at 49th Street, New York City. Seen left - "Exercise for the Forearms and Hand Muscles - Stand as in the photo with fingers outspread and bend the hands up and backward from the writs.  Hold for a moment and then close fists tightly at the same time bending them downward.  Repeat until outside of forearms tires." - Prof. Anthony Barker

How Maxalding came to be

View Now - Published in Health & Strength - 1910
Contributed by:  John Haywood

Seen left - Max Sick   Events surrounding the formation of Maxalding are presented in chronological order. View Maxalding advertisements in Health & Strength and a fascinating account of a Maxalding Lifting Exhibition - "There was a really distinguished assembly of strong men and physical culturists at the Apollo-Saldo School, 9, Great Newport Street, W., the other evening.  Lifters of all ages, weights, and nationalities were there in great force, they having been expressly invited to witness an exhibition by Max Sick, of Munich." - H&S

The Real Art of Posing by Monte Saldo

View Now - Published in Health & Strength in 1910
Contributed by Gil Waldron
Seen left - Max Sick posing as the "Stone Thrower" "Having had unique opportunities of studying this Scientific Art, Monte Saldo now gives his candid and expert opinion upon this fascinating but too little understood subject". - Editor, Health & Strength. 
"No two men are built alike, and it is therefore obvious that a pose that transforms one man into "a thing of beauty" would have an entirely opposite effect on another." - Monte Saldo

Strength Secrets by Thomas Inch

Date Unknown
Contributed by Gil Waldron
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"Weight lifting has been a much maligned sport.  Damaging statements have been made as to its making people slow, damaging hearts,  shortening life. I am glad to think that, after useful pioneer work of professionals many years ago, sustained to this day, and the business-like campaign of the governing body, the British Amateur Weight Lifters Association, who have at last succeeded in placing the sport of lifting upon a sound basis form every point of view, the erroneous ideas are dying out." - Thomas Inch

Sandow's Spring Grip Dumb-Bells

View Now - Published in 1899
Contributed by Gil Waldron

Eugen Sandow's Spring Grip Dumb-Bell was introduced in 1899.  The original design contained only two springs per dumb-bell. Later designs contained from 4 to 7 springs per dumb-bell.  These dumb-bells continued to be manufactured long after Sandow's death.  "After many years of study and experiment, I have discovered a dumb-bell which compels the pupil to throw the necessary amount of will-power into his work." - E. Sandow.

Tips for Health and Strength for busy people by Adrian Peter Schmidt

Adrian Peter SchmidtView Now - Published in 1901
Contributed by "Upbuilder"

"The manual should be of very great value to all persons who are in search of a short road to sound health and thorough physical development, embodying as it does, an intelligible and concise presentation of the excellent methods of rational physical culture, taught by the author in his institute, and by which all who have studied under him have profited." - Adrian Peter Schmidt


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