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training for great strength by chas t. trevor

Training for Great StrengthPublisher:  Mitre Press, London, E.C.3. - New and Revised Edition
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"An Introduction to the science of strength and body-building by means of progressive weight-lifting."
"Almost every man or boy at some time or other has felt a keen desire to possess great strength, but very few indeed attain their object.  This is due in a great measure to an entirely mistaken outlook on the whole question of gaining great strength and muscular development." - Chas T. Trevor

Alexander Zass The Amazing Samson by w.a. pullum

Alexander ZassPublished in Health & Strength in the 1950's
Contributed by Gordon Anderson

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"Alexander Zass had the title of the "Amazing Samson" bestowed upon him purely because of his astonishing feats as a strong man, but it also happened that he was amazing in other ways also.  He was, for his weight, an extraordinarily good wrestler, not merely super-strong but as full of wiles and tricks as the proverbial wagonload of monkeys."   

Aston's Victories over Max Sick & Inch by w.a. pullum

AstonPublished in Body Builder 1954
Contributed by
Gil Waldron
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"Between the times when Inch's ambitions and abilities had gained for him the titles of World's Middleweight Champion Lifter and "Britain's Strongest Man", a pattern of events had been weaving itself which was destined on completion see both honours pass into the possession of another man - see also another contribution to this pattern make history by presenting a new and sensational method of strength and bodily development, this being via the art and science of muscle control."

Facts & Fallacies of Anatomic Type by george walsh

Jim HalidayPublisher - Health & Strength - 1948
Contributed by Gil Waldron

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"Physical Culture is as old as history...Scientific Physical Culture was born only yesterday and is still, in many respects, in its infancy.  The strong man and athlete of ancient days was entirely a product of chance.  He worked for his strength, no doubt, but no harder than a million others who remained physical nonentities.  He could not explain, nor could the wisest and most learned of his contemporaries even begin to explain, the why and how of his exceptional strength and physique." 

Flattening a Bulge by Court Saldo

Flattening a Bulge by Court SaldoPublished in Health & Strength Annual 1953
Contributed by Ron Tyrrell  
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"The Battle of the Bulge was a term often met with in the last war when enemy forces invaded a country and concentrated their troops in one particular spot.  Great battles were fought to flatten bulges and straighten the lines.  In the same way thousands of men after middle age fight neglect.  This health-sapping condition is not confined to middle-aged men either: you can see the beginnings in teenagers even and it is specially noticeable in men reaching the early thirties.

Goerner was the Strongest of Them All by Tromp Van DiGGelen

Hermann GoernerPublished in Strength & Health Magazine - August 1953
Contributed by American Powerlifting Evolution
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"CONTROVERSY......A Personal Associate of the Great Hermann Goerner Replies to Bob Hasse's Article, "An Old Time Looks at Goerner"  "When I read the article in the March Issue of Strength and Health written by Bob Hasse and Kurt Saxon, I was staggered.  First, because Kurt is dead and "dead men tell no tales" and second because Hasse knows as much, or as little about the really great Hermann Goerner as he knows about Confucius.  No one has ever claimed that Hermann was as good a showman as Arthur; in fact, it is absolutely true that Arthur Saxon once said, "Goerner is stronger than I am but he doesn't have my showmanship."

Super Physique - Body-Building Barb-bell Course by Siegmund Klein    

Published by the Mitre Press, London Date unknown, circa mid 1940s
Contributed by Gordon Anderson
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Siegmund Klein was a Welter-weight Weightlifting Champion of America.. "In preparing this course of bar-bell instruction, I have taken into very careful consideration the numerous books and articles that have been written on bar-bells and their uses.  No doubt they have produced some remarkable and enviable results, but due to the fact that I have received scores of letters from all over the civilized world inquiring how my development has been attained, I am prompted to publish these exercises." -- S. Klein

Apollo - the Scottish Hercules

Apollo, the Scottish Hercules

Contributed by Author - Aug. 2015
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"By the time William Bankier (better known to the world as Apollo, the Scottish Hercules) died in 1949, he had been a much-respected figure in the strength and wrestling world for more than sixty years.  Since his passing, very little has been written about this amazing man, and as a long-time admirer of Bankier’s great strength and agility, I feel that it is time to have another look at his life and achievements.” - Ron Tyrrell


The Physical Superman - Why Large Muscles ... by edward aston

The Physical Superman - Why Large Muscles ... by edward astonPublished in 1930
Contributed by Gil Waldron

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"Those who may be hoping to develop themselves as "Physical Supermen," or shall we say as men who are notably stronger than the average, should realize from the first that Strength lies n the quality and not in the quantity of muscle developed.  Stanislaus Zbysq had the largest biceps of his day, but was certainly not as strong as Arthur Saxon.  Neither was he as powerful a wrestler as Coord Derelli, as Frank Gotch, or George Hackenschmidt, despite the fact that his biceps muscle was good in quality as well as in quantity." - Edward Aston

The Unliftable dumbell by Thomas Inch

The Unliftable Dumbell by Thomas InchPublished in 1939, Strength & Health
"The only man living who has lifted more than 300 lbs. overhead one-handed tells of his trick weight..." 
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"In this article Thomas Inch recounts the story of his famous challenge dumbbell which for a period of 40 years was never moved an inch from off the ground, save himself. He offered ₤200 to anyone who could lift it."-Thomas Inch

Strong Men I Have Known - George Jowett by Earle E. Liederman

Strong Men I Have Known by Earle E. Liederman Published in Body Builder Magazine in May, 1937
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"In this new series of articles which I contemplate offering to the readers of the Body Builder Magazine and which I shall title "Strong Men I Have Known,"  I feel that in selecting your editor, George Jowett, to head the list, I am meeting with the approval of all my friends and readers. (He does not know that I am writing this article about him and i hope the publishers of this magazine will insert what I write.)
The first time I met George Jowett in person he nearly broke my fingers and I haven't shaken hands with him since.
We had corresponded for many years previous to our first meeting at my New York studios, and so glad were we to meet each other in person, that it must have manifested itself in our initial handclasp."

Size & Strength - Eugen Sandow the king of bodybuilding by Dr. Terry Todd & Paul Anderson

Prescription of Exercises - "Standwell Course by T.W. StandwellPublished in Muscular Development Magazine - Sept 1973
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"Eugen Sandow was born on April 2, 1867, in Koenigsburg, East Prussia, Germany.  His real name was Frederick Mueller and his father was a prosperous jeweler.  His imagination was fired by a visit to Rom with his father during which he saw much of the statuary depicting the high standard of physique achieved during the classic period.  When he entered college, he practiced gymnastics and track and field sports and became quite proficient.  He did well in college and his parents agreed to send him to medical school.

During this period Sandow met Professor Attila in Brussels, Belgium.  Professor Attila was well-versed in weightlifting and strength exhibitions and he taught young Sandow a great deal." - Dr. T. Todd & P.Anderson

The Science and Art of Physical Development by w.r. pope

The Science and Art of Physical Development by w.r. popePublisher:  Greening & Co. in 1932
Contributed by Gil Waldron

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"Any system of Physical Culture will prove of little benefit to the student, if, at the outset, he or she fails to understand the correct working of that System, and it is for the assistance of thousands of students of the Sandow System who are unable to obtain advice or instruction as to the correct way of performing the exercises that I produce this small book of hints.
I have to thank Mr. M.C.P. Headeach of Manchester, an ardent and advanced follower of this system for his very valuable suggestions and for permission to produce his pictures in this book." 

The Chest Expander by Alfred danks

The Chest Expander by Alfred Danks"For Abounding Health and Building Better Bodies"
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the 30's
Contributed by Raymond Brennan
 "For quite a while pupils and friends have asked the question "Why don't you write a book on the expander?"  They were prompted, no doubt, to this query by knowledge of the fact that for over 35 years I have made the expander my special study that my own development was gained through the instrumentality of this simple but tremendously effective piece of physical culture apparatus."  - Alfred Danks


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