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Seen left - Siegmund Breitbart (1883 - 1925). Breitbart starred in several films and had a highly successful career on stage as a professional Strongman.

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strand puller scrapbook

Strandpullers Super Scrapbook

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PDF Version

158-page fully illustrated Strand Puller Super Scrapbook (PDF version) by  David Gentle, Author & Historian.


Home Training Course

David Gentles Personal Home Training Course

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By David Gentle, Author & Historian, Physical Culture.
Step-by-step instruction with fully illustrated exercises. 3 one-month schedules to build a solid foundation.Online support


Weight training

Weight Training book by David Gentle

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PDF Version

186-page Weight Training, Vol 1 and 2 by David Gentle.  (PDF version)  Contains a total of 25 weight training articles.


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PDF downloads


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