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Our website was established to preserve the history of physical culture and to serve as a FREE educational resource for physical culturists, researchers, academia, media and PC followers in general.  It represents many years of dedication gathering archival material, scanning thousands of pages and photos and transforming them into a modern web platform.

We are truly grateful to those who kindly donated archives from their personal Physical Culture collections over the years for all to enjoy.

Become a member for only $19 a year.  Auto-renewal does not apply.  Your kind support helps fund our labour and operating costs as we continue to expand our Open-Access Library.  Join in the fun...become a member today!

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  • Enjoy David Gentle's Weight Training articles, Vol. I & II. Available in eBook to view on your desktop or mobile device or in PDF to print and enjoy at your leisure.
  • Browse David's personal photo albums highlighting his career as an internationally acclaimed author and historian.  Photos include famous Ironmen, celebrities, friends and colleagues.
  • Finally, tour David's STUNNING Private Photo Collection of MAGNIFICENT MUSCLE MEN by world-class physique photographer Russ Waner!    Over 90 exciting muscular poses of ARNOLD SCHWARZENNEGGER along with two volumes of JOHN GRIMEK, THE KING OF BODYBUILDING.... Plus hundreds more photos of your favourite Muscle Men to enjoy.  N.B. Copyright Restricts Apply. Not for distribution. 

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