Writing Tips & Suggestion by David Gentle

Internationally acclaimed Writer and Historian, David Gentle, our Editor-in-Chief shares with us some valuable writing tips and suggestions to apply to the history of Physical Culture.  We hope this information is helpful in submitting articles to the Writers Circle and in  launching your writing career! 

David Gentle

I started off small and eventually used to make enough money to pay for foreign holidays and also get lots of complimentary mags, books,  etc. so if you like writing and of course the subject, then please consider joining the Writers Circle.   You will find it a rewarding experience as it will help you hone your writing skills and learn from your peers through positive feedback and critique.   Last but not least,  receive the recognition you deserve.

Here are some writing tips and suggestions you may find helpful:

  • Don't plagiarize others
  • Check and re-check your facts. 
  • Don't take after some of the oldies who used to just pass on the same old lies and rubbish.
  • Always try to make it different.
  • Find intimate facts - add something new.
  • Please don't put words in dead mens' mouths that are no longer here to defend themselves. 
  • Stay on track.  There is a tendency to belittle some of the poundages the old-timers used to lift.  Without the gear, most of todays guys would still be beaten by the earlier champs. 

I look forward to reading work by those who join the Writers Circle. Remember I am Sub-Editor of Health and Strength and I always consider good stories or accounts especially if there are pictures to provide back up.

Go for it! 


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