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We wish to welcome writers who are passionate about physical culture and  interested in sharing their work for all to enjoy.  We are pleased to accept viewers comments about work presented here and will be sure to pass them on to the writer and Editorial  Team.  Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned writer, we welcome all submissions.    

Contributing Writers

John Prink

John Prink

I began training in the early 1970's as a young teenager - 13 years old! I was slight of build, and it was later in my teen years that I would learn what the term "ectomorphic" meant. Throughout junior high and high school I trained like a fiend in earnest, in the basement of my house, always trying new exercises and reading and learning all I could about weight training and the sport of Olympic lifting! My father, a weight trainer from the 1950's bought me my first weight set and bench, and taught me the basics of weight training.

Randy Roach

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Randy Roach has been active in the muscle building industry for over four decades.  Sixteen of those years have been spent on research for his 3-volume book series “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors.” The project entails a comprehensive history of bodybuilding and all its related issues such as diet, supplements, weightlifting, fitness, strength training, drugs, and even global politics.  The emphasis on nutrition intersects historically with the fitness industry and the general public.  

Randy worked for 15 years as a computer programmer and technical writer in both the museum and environmental engineering fields.  He now makes his living as an author and private health and training consultant in his home in Ontario, Canada.  He is also the co-host, along with Tamas Acs, for their weekly podcast, "The World of Muscle" at www.theworldofmuscle.com.

Adam Stavast

Adam Stavast I was born in Ohio and grew up in Texas. High school was filled with martial arts, weights, and plenty of learning. My free time was spent in experimenting, reading, and applying what I learned.

College was filled with intense study as well as plenty of training. I did one semester of intermural free style wrestling. In 2015 I graduated from BYU Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology.

I enjoy hiking, poetry, lifting, and exercise in general. The call of activity is both a unique challenge and responsibility in my life. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with weights, but also the calm peace that comes from simpler and less intense activities.

My philosophy in life and training is about focusing on the fundamentals. The basics are there for a reason and the longer you train the more you go back to them. How we use them and apply them is ultimately what makes the difference. Training is an expression of life to me.

Harry Hayfield

Harry Hayfield

Harry Hayfield is a registered carer and councilman in Cardigan County in Wales on the western coast of the United Kingdom. He has had an interest in health and fitness since 2005 and after recovering from a slipped disc in 2013 has been walking pretty much every day in order to avoid a repeat.

He speaks to natural bodybuilders and personal trainers all over the world via the internet and is also a correspondent / contributor to the Fitness and More radio programme hosted by Dennis Mason via online radio services.

Outside the world of health and fitness, he is a member of the British Liberal Democrats, a junior member of the Coalition Government that governed the United Kingdom between 2010 and 2015 and is currently involved in the general election as an activist to campaign for the continuation of that coalition. Visit the "Title Index" to view Harry's work.

Peter Yates

Peter Yates

Peter Yates has been involved in strength training and martial arts for almost 50 years.

Peter has an interest in all strength related subjects especially the old-time strongmen.

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