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Muscleanous Column by David GentleDavid Gentle's famous MUSCLEANOUS Column is now a regular feature in our Subscribers' section.  Formally published in UK's H & S (out of print), the oldest PC journal in the world (1898). The June issue is scheduled to be released shortly!

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Eugen SandowHelp preserve PC History.  Donate to the HOPC Library c/o Robert Web Studio. 100's of books, articles, training programs & photo galleries.   Fascinating articles by our HOPC Team.  Proceeds help fund our operating costs. Receive a FREE copy of D. Gentle's Strand Pullers Book for donations of $10 or more.

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Strand Pullers Super Scrapbookbest sellerDavid Gentle's "Strand Pullers Super Scrapbook", A fascinating encyclopedic look at strand pulling  and the history and origins of, and schedules for both sexes and all ages.  Lessons with step by step instruction, plus vintage muscle ads sure to inspire.    Buy Now

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Thomas TophamHISTORY OF PHYSICAL CULTURE LIBRARY contains two decades of collective literary work and rare historical publications from the early 1900's to modern times. The Library has become a remarkable source of inspiration for people of all ages. It provides resources to meet the needs of individuals, historians, media outlets, scholars, researchers and the academic community. It contains hundreds of rare books, articles and photos donated by collectors from all over the world who support our vision to preserve history.  Also enjoy Historian David Gentle's regular monthly column entitled "MUSCLEANOUS", formerly a regular feature of United Kingdom's Health and Strength (H & S) (no longer in print), one of the oldest journals of its kind in the world (1898).  Also included is the STRENGTH BLOG containing 100's of articles (modern day and historical) and rare photos from our Team of Historians and Contributing Writers. 

left - Latest installment in our Library, strongman legend, "THOMAS TOPHAM" by Lee Morrison and David Gentle with special thanks to the Museum of London and the British Museum. 

The HOPC Team of historians and writers contribute their literary work from Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Illustrations by the late Chris Bostick, HOPC Art Director bring these historical treasures alive!  The HOPC Library contains no adverts or pop-up ads to distract your experience.

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star rating The information in this Library has a proven track record by some of the strongest men to walk this earth. Fortunately this knowledge has been preserved and is available here. "
-C. Anderson

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star rating"This website is like the great LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA for discovering how to build a strong powerful physique.     When that library was destroyed  at the end of the Roman Empire the world was plunged into a thousand years of darkness. Because of that lost knowledge everything had to be relearned.     

The information in this Library has a proven track record by some of the strongest men to walk this earth. Fortunately this knowledge has been preserved and is available here. Why spend a lifetime trying to relearn what it takes to become truly powerful without supplements or confused contradictory training methods and gimmicks.    Whatever your struggling with in your training or any question you have, the solution can be found here; because many people before you have also struggled with those very same issues.    I have found that a lot of the information here is personally tailored to my own needs almost as if it was written by a personal trainer. And the same will be true for you…This is the most comprehensive body of knowledge on real life, in the trench training you can find. I highly recommend you find out for yourself. " -C. Anderson

star rating"I cannot believe the vast amount of both historical and current information contained on the HOPC Library. Much included is extremely rare and would even if available cost a small fortune.  The price of admission to the site would not even cover one item that is contained therein. Apart from all that is immediately ready to start reading there are more items being added daily, plus constant upgrades and improvements to the site.  I cannot recommend subscribing to the HOPC Library enough and I also feel good knowing my subscription is helping to keep the HOPC site in operation for myself and others to enjoy." -Peter Y.

star rating"The HOPC Is just what it states on the label. The History of Physical Culture. I believe it is the most complete history of this subject on the internet. If all the material on the site was put into print, the cost of the volumes would be beyond most people’s pockets. The HOPC believes that all this information should be available and affordable to everyone, and at $19.95 I believe it is. From Apollon to Zass, The A to Z  of physical culture is within its pages. It will make a great inexpensive gift for someone."- Gil W.

star rating"Years ago I took the advise of a good friend who is also a fellow member of HOPC . How many other websites are a creative outlet for participation rather then just something to gawk at . Significant  contributions from the forum members create new training possibilities for fellow members . There is also the opportunity to rub elbows and share information with some of the true giants of the physical culture game such as David Gentle and Gil Waldron .Of course the wonderful Diane Robert is there to keep us in line and provide a monumental site for all to enjoy . I encourage all serious seekers of health and strength to join the site and library  .HOPC continues to produce (not just reproduce)!!!" Chris "Sticks" Bostick

Apollon, Otto Arco, Edward Aston, Don Athaldo, Prof. Attilla, Joe Bonomo, Siegmund Breitbart, Milo Brinn, H. Broom, Farmer Burns, Spencer Churchill, Ottley R. Coulter, Louis Cyr, Alfred Danks, Jack Dempsey, Chris Dickerson, Don Dorans, Marvin Eder, Gino Edwards, George Eiferman, James Evans, David Gentle, Hermann Goerner, Good Brothers, B.C. Gosh/K.S. Gupta, John C. Grimek, George Hackenschmidt, Jim Halliday, Doug Hepburn, Bob Hoffman, William, Hunt, Thomas Inch, George Jowett, Edward Jubinville, Siegmund, Earle Liederman, Herbert Loveday, Dan Lurie, Bernarr MacFadden, Maxick/Saldo, Alan P. Meade, J. J. Miller, Staff-Sergt Moss, Adolph E. Nordquest, Reg Park, Bobby Pandour, Harry B. Paschall, Bill Pear, W.A. Pullum, Steve Reeves, Leo Robert, Clancy Ross, Alfred Monte Saldo, Courtland Saldo, Eugen Sandow, Tony Sansone, Arthur Saxon, Larry Scott, Paul Shaw, T.W. Standwell, Lionel Strongfort, Ed Theriault, Albert Treloar, Ronald Tyrrell, Max Unger, Tromp Van Diggelen, Ronald Walker, George Walsh, David Webster, Peter Yates, Frank Zane and Alexander Zass.





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