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"I cannot believe the vast amount of historical and up to date information in the HOPC library. Much included is extremely rare and would cost a fortune if it was even available. The price of admission would not cover even one piece that is contained therein. Besides all that is ready to start reading there are more items being added almost daily. Cannot recommend the library enough and i also feel good knowing that my contribution is helping to keep the HOPC site in operation."
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Apollon, Otto Arco, Edward Aston, Don Athaldo, Prof. Attilla, Joe Bonomo, Siegmund Breitbart, Milo Brinn, H. Broom, Farmer Burns, Spencer Churchill, Ottley R. Coulter, Louis Cyr, Alfred Danks, Jack Dempsey, Chris Dickerson, Don Dorans, Marvin Eder, Gino Edwards, George Eiferman, James Evans, David Gentle, Hermann Goerner, Good Brothers, B.C. Gosh/K.S. Gupta, John C. Grimek, George Hackenschmidt, Jim Halliday, Doug Hepburn, Bob Hoffman, William, Hunt, Thomas Inch, George Jowett, Edward Jubinville, Siegmund, Earle Liederman, Herbert Loveday, Dan Lurie, Bernarr MacFadden, Maxick/Saldo, Alan P. Meade, J. J. Miller, Staff-Sergt Moss, Adolph E. Nordquest, Reg Park, Bobby Pandour, Harry B. Paschall, Bill Pear, W.A. Pullum, Steve Reeves, Leo Robert, Clancy Ross, Alfred Monte Saldo, Courtland Saldo, Eugen Sandow, Tony Sansone, Arthur Saxon, Larry Scott, Paul Shaw, T.W. Standwell, Lionel Strongfort, Ed Theriault, Albert Treloar, Ronald Tyrrell, Max Unger, Tromp Van Diggelen, Ronald Walker, George Walsh, David Webster, Peter Yates, Frank Zane and Alexander Zass.

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