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Website Closure

The History of Physical Culture contained one of the largest and most comprehensive online libraries of its kind.  It represented two decades of collective literature that consisted of rare historical publications from the early 1900’s to modern times. The HOPC Library offered resources to meet the needs of individuals, historians, media outlets, scholars, researchers and the academic community. Along with contemporary work and biographies by its talented team of historians and writers, it contained hundreds of rare books, articles and photos donated by the HOPC Team and collectors from all over the world who supported the HOPC’s vision to preserve history.

Sadly we are no longer able to continue our work as two of the most prominent members of the HOPC Team passed away, i.e. David Gentle, Historian and Author and Peter Yates, HOPC Editor-in-Chief.  We wish to thank our followers for their loyal support over the years.  Stay well and remain strong!

The HOPC was a non-commercial website. Members of the HOPC Team volunteered their services.  Sales revenues helped fund operating costs. 


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