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Chris Sticks Bostick, Art DirectorHOPC Art Director, CHRIS BOSTICK has had a pencil in his hand as far back as he can remember, at least 2 or 3 years of age. Throughout childhood he would draw objects, diagrams and anything that took his fancy. Further inspiration came from comic book and movie poster artists, the foremost being Frank Frazetta. This interest and activity has continued his entire life. 

left - Chris at his desk working on artwork for RetroSyracuse, a sportswear company. 
His journey into Physical Culture began around 10 years of age as means of becoming stronger for sports. Early mentors were football player Dan Luziski and high school coach, Carl Bjork. This gave Chris sound training advice and a good solid base from which to develop.

Starting out with a Billard 110# set, he made his own bench and rack. His biggest supporters, Mom and Dad, also contributed to his home gym. From the age of 14 every birthday for the next four years Mom would buy him a pair of 40# Roberts plates, his Dad made him a beautiful knurled 6ft bar. 

From an interest in sports he turned at first to bodybuilding and then to the newly formalized sport of powerlifting. Entering local competition in the late 1960s/early 1970/s he did quite well and totaled 1400 in the 198# class. However moving on to regional events he got his first taste of reality, seeing the front runners with totals of 1600 plus, in his weight class. Gradually training was relegated to a hobby and a means of communicating with those of like mind who enjoyed training for training's sake.   

Throughout this time and to the present his interest in creating, designing and fabricating sturdy but inexpensive training equipment has never waned.  He has helped many a youngster set up a decent home gym without breaking the bank. His mission through his art and training advise is to inform and amuse. He believes that in training there is nothing really new.  He continues to custom design equipment, create personalized images for T-shirts and give one on one training advise for those who are interested. Chris can be contacted through the HOPC.

Special thanks to Peter Yates, HOPC Editor for writing this bio. 

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