Harry Hayfield, Social Media Contributor (Wales)

Harry Hayfield

HARRY HAYFIELD is a resident of of the county of Cardiganshire in Wales, part of the United Kingdom. Wales has a long heritage of Physical Culture in which champions of strength and physique have emerged. To name a few:

  • PAUL GRANT, Mr. Wales, Mr. Britain, Mr. World, Amateur Tall Class Mr. Universe 1973,
  • GARY TAYLOR, weightlifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder and World's Strongest Man 1993, and
  • More recently JAMES "FLEX" LEWIS, who has won 7 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles in the 212lb class, retiring undefeated in 2018.  

Harry HayfieldH

arry has had a lifelong interest in Physical Culture and Bodybuilding, however due to being an unpaid caregiver for his grandparents, lack of free time and finances have somewhat inhibited his ability to train. Recently, due to a free weekend bus service in his area, Harry has been able to travel and attend a gym and receive coaching, leading to significant progress as a result. While he is following in the footsteps of his famous countrymen, Harry admits that reporting the world of Physical Culture will be as near as it gets to taking part.  

Besides taking care of his grandparents and his interest in Physical Culture, Harry has been involved in the community via local politics. He is an accomplished writer with a quick wit and a definite way with words. 

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