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Diane Robert, Chief Librarian/Site Administrator

Diane RobertDiane spent most of her career in health care until becoming a research coordinator in complementary medicine.  She launched this website to showcase the extraordinary work of  David Gentle, internationally acclaimed Historian and Author of Physical Culture. 

Diane became interested in physical culture after meeting her late husband, Leo Robert, former Mr. Universe Pro. 

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David Gentle, Historian, Author & Editor-in-Chief

David Gentle, Author & HistorianDavid is an internationally acclaimed Historian and Author of Physical Culture.  For several decades, he was a regular contributor of over 25 of the world's top muscle magazines. View David's Curriculum Vitae.

David's prolific writings include over 2,000 articles published in the World Muscle Press on all subjects relating to physical culture or strength.  

For more information on David, we invite you to read the Life and Times of David Gentle

Gil Waldron, Contributing Editor

Gil Waldron, Contributing EditorGil was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England in 1942.  During War time Britain, he was exposed to food shortages and rationing. As a result of a meager but reasonably nutritious diet, he left school at age 14 weighing just 8 stone (112lbs).

 "I was quite strong for my size, and as an apprentice gardener found a great deal of satisfaction showing my much bigger work mates that I could lift and load bags on to tractors, that weighed the same as me.

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Ron Tyrrell, Contributing Writer

Ron Tyrrell, Contributing Writer and EditorRon has been a contributing writer for a number of Physical Culture magazines and sporting journals.  His creative work has appeared on the popular "Sandow Plus" website owned by Gil Waldron and the late Roger Fillary (the site closed in 2014). 

Ron writes, "I was fortunate enough to meet Court Saldo (Monte's son), principle of Maxalding Exercise System, and this proved to be a life-changing experience.  I learned the value of remedial physical culture, and as a result of our many conversations, I became a student of the history of all forms of physical endeavour. 

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Peter Yates, Editor & Chief, Combat Arts & Sports and Overall Contributing Writer

Peter Yates, Editor and Chief, Combat Arts and SportsPeter Yates has been involved in strength training and martial arts for over 50 years. He has an interest in all strength related subjects especially the old-time strongmen. Peter is the Editor & Chief of our Combat Arts & Sports section where you find interesting and informative articles by Peter along with several other talented Contributing Writers. Peter is also the Chief Moderator of our Combat Arts & Sports Forum.  Please consider joining this interesting and informative discussion group.

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Chris "Sticks" Bostick, Art Director

Chris Sticks Bostick, Art DirectorChris "Sticks" Bostick, our Art Director, is a 63 year old upstate New Yorker who, as a young fellow, was a power lifter of note back in the early 70s.   He hung up the competitive lifting belt back in 1973 and dedicated himself to the family electronic business for the next 40 years.  

Chris never lost his affection for training cartooning and drawing or building his own training equipment. He has drawn for a couple of other websites and his name pops up on Google searches from time to time.   He also has a business providing images for a company called RetroSyracuse, which is primarily tee-shirt and sportswear related.  Visit our Art Department to view Chris' amazing artwork and eBooks.

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