Ray Nobile, World Champion Bodybuilder & Contributing Writer (Bulgaria)

Ray NobileI started training at 13 years of age in my bedroom with a second hand Weider 110lb barbell.  At 14 I joined a gym.  I made good progress and was encouraged to enter the world of physique contests in 1966.  

It was the beginning of a career that was to span 4 decades of competition in bodybuilding, powerlifting  and strongman, winning British, European and World titles along the way.

My last contest was the World Bodybuilding Championship in Durban, South Africa in 1998.

Marion NobileI have an eBook out that details my contest history, workout routines and diets. After serving 32 years as a firefighter, I retired in 2001. In 2004 I moved from Scotland to Bulgaria. I live here with my wife Marion. I met Marion in my gym in 1999, a gym I owned from 1986.  She had trained with weights before but was lacking guidance.  In 2000 she won the World Bodybuilding Championship in Paris France.   She switched to powerlifting in 2001 and won the Scottish championships. She then focused on strongwoman and in 2003 she became Britain's Strongest Woman.  In 2006 she won the Bulgarian bodybuilding championship defeating the woman who had won the previous six years.

We both still train four times a week and are enjoying our retirement in Bulgaria. It is a wonderful country with very nice people, long hot summers with temperatures of 35c most days and short sharp winter with temperatures of minus 20c and big snow. 

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