Laurie Smith, Historian & Contributing Writer (AUS.)

Laurie Smith Photo PendingLaurie was born in Sydney, AUSTRALIA in 1949. Growing up one of his many pleasures was watching movies at the cinema and especially the Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weismuller. This was the start of a life long fascination with Tarzan including the screen actors who portrayed the character and the many illustrations by various artists in the comic books.

Of particular interest to the young Laurie was how these screen heroes built their physiques. With an interest in the history of movies, Laurie has seen most films of the HOLLYWOOD GOLDEN YEARS of the 1930's,40s and 50's and has researched the type of training those early male actors used to get in shape for their roles.

strand pullingStarting his training at age 14 with a set of chest expanders, Laurie has continued this type of training his whole life and has a particular interest in this Physical Culture method and those who have employed it. Besides the more well known cable trainers Laurie has uncovered many interesting and obscure facts about wrestlers, strongmen/women, boxers, stuntmen and actors who have used strands as a primary training tool.   (Illustration by Sticks)

Laurie has a PC collection of magazines, postcards, mail order adds and courses from both Australia and overseas. Australia has many strongmen, courses and archived photographs that are not widely known outside that continent, a situation Laurie has been working to rectify over the years. He has an uncanny knack of  unearthing obscure and long forgotten facts pertaining to that endeavor, and sharing them with the friends he has made through PC including DAVID GENTLE, RON TYRRELL, KEV COLLINGS and PETER YATES.  While he has had articles published in such strength journals as Muscle Mob and One More Rep, he prefers to be in the background and send his findings to others to disseminate.  His Friend Peter Yates refers to him as a PC detective, someone who looks for clues and sees things others often overlook. A great asset to the HOPC Team providing information that may never have seen the light of day.

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