Gil Waldron, Contributing Editor

Gil Waldron, Contributing EditorI was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England in 1942. During War time Britain I was exposed to food shortages and rationing.  As a result of a meager but reasonably nutritious diet, I left school at age 14 weighing just 8 stone (112lbs).

I was quite strong for my size, and as an apprentice gardener found a great deal of satisfaction showing my much bigger work mates that I could lift and load bags on to tractors, that weighed the same as me. But I still wanted to look strong.....

I looked to the "Muscle by Mail Order" guys.  Lionel Stebbings' course was the first one I chose...results = none (The course is on the website somewhere).

Next, I followed the millions before me and wrote to Charles Atlas....results = some progress, but not enough.

Then an uncle gave me two 40lb solid dumbbells, which I carried home for ¾ of a mile.   I can still scratch my kneecaps without bending down.....progress limited but getting there.

I finally followed Maxalding, a training method I still use today.  I joined a gym and  made good progress.   I soon discovered that Maxalding and the weights worked well together.   I won several strength titles in the sixties before giving up competition to raise a family.

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Gil Waldron, Contributing Editor
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