Our Art Department

Muscle Art by Chris "Sticks" Bostick, HOPC Art Director  

About Artist

Chris Sticks BostickChris "Sticks" Bostick is a 65 year old upstate New Yorker who, as a young fellow, was a power lifter of note back in the early 70s.   He hung up the competitive lifting belt back in 1973 and dedicated himself to the family electronic business for the next 40 years.  

Chris never lost his affection for training cartooning and drawing or building his own training equipment. He has drawn for a couple of other websites and his name pops up on Google searches from time to time.   He also has a business providing images for a company called RetroSyracuse, which is primarily tee-shirt and sportswear related.

 Chris Meets his Match

Chris Bostick Wrest Wrestling Nephew

Chris' nephew Nate creaming him in Wrist Wcroc rocksrestling!

Feeling the Burn

seated swingbell

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