HOPC eBook Publishing Services

HOPC eBook Publishing ServiceseBooks represent a quick and easy way to publish your work and share it with your family, friends or the general public.

You may wish to sell your eBook online or offer it for free to educate or entertain or as a means to promote your products or services.   

We offer a full range of eBook publishing services including design layout, front and back covers, formatting, digital table of contents along with a variety of other features. 

Our eBooks are searchable allowing readers quick access to information.  Want to spice up your eBook?  We can add multimedia elements such as audio, YouTube videos along with still and animated images.

Advantages of eBook Publishing

  • Eliminates the need to stock huge inventories of hard print books. 
  • eBooks are less expensive to publish versus hard print books.
  • Authors can update their work at any given time and can add or remove new information.
  • Authors can easily create second and third editions as their work gains popularity.
  • Readers have the option to print their eBook. 
  • There are no shipping and handling fees for readers to deal with when placing an order.  
  • Readers are able to enlarge the text to fit their visual needs.
  • And finally, selling your eBook online gives you an opportunity to test the market, gain valuable feedback concerning your work, hone your skills and determine whether you've priced your eBook well, etc. 

eBook Publishing Services

Don't sit and ponder whether to  publish your work any longer.  Take the first step today!  Our eBook publishing service starts at $150 for a basic small book (under 50 pages, no multimedia). Larger books start at $250. Cost of adding multimedia starts at $50.

There are no restrictions concerning the subject matter of the eBook within the limits of good taste.  Examples include fiction, non-fiction, promotional or educational material. 

If you have questions or what to learn more about our eBook publishing service, please drop us a line via email.

Sell your eBook Online

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We offer authors the opportunity to sell their eBook in our HOPC web store.  We will connect the "Buy Now" button directly to your PayPal account so there is no middleman.  When a customer purchases your eBook the proceeds are automatically deposited into your PayPal account. Customers are directed to the eBook download link at the time of purchase.

We also offer setup services if you have your own website.  You may also consider selling your eBook on eBay or Amazon using your PayPal account. 

"The writer is an explorer. Every step is an advance into a new land."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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