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Left - Hermann Göerner

Imagine the millions of pieces of Physical Culture collectables around the world hidden away in dens, attics and garages.  Help us preserve the History of Physical Culture.  Please contact us if you have vintage photos, adverts or posters you'd like to share with our readership.

Submissions will be posted here along with an acknowledgement.

Recent Submissions

Thomas Inch Promotional flyers (mail order courses)- Contributed by Richie Neville
Featuring flyers Thomas Inch must have included in his mail order courses.   

Multi Sporter with Thermal Eye pamphlet - Contributed by Richie Neville

Flexocisor pamphlet - Contributed by Richie Neville

Man's World and Reg Park Journal April 1969 - Contributed by Peter Yates

Multi-Muscle Builder - Contributed by Peter Yates

Weider Deluxe Professional Sets - Contributed by Peter Yates

Random adverts from the 70's Iron Man magazine - Contributed by Peter Yates.

Reproduction of York barbell advert - Circa 1937.  Contributed by Peter Yates.

Reproduction of Iron Shoe advert - Circa 1905.  Used for strength tests and building muscle.

Reproduction of York Bar Bell System advert - Strength and Health magazine 1937
Contributed by Peter Yates

Jack DillingerJack Delinger

Contributed by Peter Yates - "Seen left is an interesting photo of Jack Delinger taken around 1948 before he won the Mr. America title. What many people may not know is that he was quite an accomplished gymnast before taking up bodybuilding so obviously had laid a good foundation."

Photo & the Following Caption from Strength and Health Magazine Apr 1949

"Jack Delinger, Oakland, California, with his balancing partner, Sammy Buss, demonstrate their wonderful agility in this excellent photo. 

They put on a splendid hand-balancing routine at Ed Yarick's "Big Show" last October which featured many strength and physique notables.  This was one of the best shows ever presented in the Bay Area. 

Ed plans to make the "Big Show" by popular request, an annual feature.  Jack Delinger, incidentally, is one of the leading contenders for the Mr. America contest this year.  Many people are of the opinion that Jack stands a good chance of winning the title. 

Photo by Romain, Oakland, Calif."

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Vintage Physical Culture AdvertsWe hope you will enjoy this collection of vintage photos, adverts and posters from as early as the 1800's. 

Readership Submissions

Our gratitude to our followers who kindly shared Physical Culture memorabilia for all to enjoy. 

Vintage PC Adverts, Photos & Posters

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