Dr. Ken "Leo" Rosa - From David's Legends Series 

Dr. Ken Leo Rosa

Music, Muscles & Martial Arts

The Tale of an All-Round Bodybuilder,
Dr. Ken "Leo" Rosa  By David Gentle
"Dr. Ken ‘Leo’ Rosa has more sides to him than a Rubik  cube.  No 'gym rat' or 'beach bum' single mindedly seeking self-image importance, but a man who loves all facets of bodybuilding, music and life." -David Gentle

Full Story

  David Gentle, Dr. Ken Leo Rosa and Rosemary Gentle

David Gentle shares with us personal letters he and his wife Rosemary received from Dr. Ken "Leo" Rosa. Along with being an accomplished pianist, he was a man of many talents - see David's article left.  Dr. Rosa was a personal friend of the late Mohammed Ali/Cassius Clay.   

*Leo sent his heartfelt wishes after learning that Gentle's home had been burgled and trashed and all the valuables stolen.  Many friends showed support and helped David and Rosemary start over again.

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