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Re: Greetings from Physical Culture enthusiast

Post by KauKeung » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:13 pm

Hi Dave,
Thank you also for your warm welcome , I'm pretty sure I used to read some of your articles in Bodybuilding Monthly in the earlier issues one was entitled confessions of a magazine swapper? correct me if I'm wrong , I think you also wrote an article on The Mighty Atom aswell? I was always interested in the older stuff as it was all raw strength and not augmented like the guys from the later generations. I'm not sure if it was you or not? who authored an article on strength training for the martial artist which had a photo of Mike Dayton? I'm glad I found this site as I'm certain it has alot of experienced people here as well as a plethora of information, Hopefully at the beginning of next month when I have a few quid I'll sign up!

That's quite a history there Peter!
I'm hoping I can contribute some value here and start interesting threads. I'm big fan also of old-school bodybuilding I suppose up until around the early 1980's. The guys who really impressed and inspired me though were Jack LaLanne , John Grimek , Steve Reeves , Reg Park etc. I recently learnt of a gentleman from a similar time period George Robinson , he was a former boxer , bodybuilder , strongman who later became a life-time personal trainer.

Thanks again


peter yates
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Re: Greetings from Physical Culture enthusiast

Post by peter yates » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:54 pm

Hi Keung,
you will find a lot of David's articles in the library.He has probably written more articles, for more magazines than any other writer. In some cases he almost wrote the entire magazine, Ghost writing for the champs and under assumed names, much like Chas Smith did for Weider in the 1950's. I agree about the best years for strength and bodybuilding, somewhere in the 1960's the changes started to happen and not for the better in my opinion.Many speak of the 70's and 80's as the Golden Age of Bodybuilding but for me it was much earlier with the cut off being around 1960. Some have even stated that the present day is the real Golden Age, well each is entitled to an opinion but the present state of bodybuilding and powerlifting leave much to be desired as far as i am concerned.BTW do you mean Terry Robinson who trained Mario Lansa?While you are waiting to join the library take a look at some of the older posts on the forum, there are lots of training tips and and routines and info on strongmen etc. from some of our very knowledgeable members.
Regards Peter.
Peter Yates

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