New member - Liam Tweed

Welcome! Please feel free to introduce yourself.
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Re: New member - Liam Tweed

Postby sticksb » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:27 am

Welcome Liam .
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Re: New member - Liam Tweed

Postby DannyBoy » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:29 am

Quadsquat wrote:hi

I joined last week and purchased the Standpulling PDF , (what an amazing product , well done)]!)

Here is a brief CV

Name: Liam Tweed
age 56 (turn 57 on November 7)
- born : 7 November 1960

location : Johannesburg South Africa
occupation : Chartered Accountant
field : Risk Management (Banking)
PC background

over 40 years training with weights
7 years Olympic lifting -
Started Lifting in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), at age 14
Lived in England for several years (I have a British passport)
Lifted for (1979)
South Midlands Juniors

In SA - lifted for Transvaal and SA Universities
2nd in SA seniors x2
SA universities champion (75kg )- 5 years

Trained at Handy Cross sports centre High Wycome
Athletics club : High Wycome Harriers

Athletics : hammer throw (club level) - my first lesson was from the great Paul Dickenson

interests : I am a rabid collector of iron game magazines and books I have a very large collection
I also collect athletics books from all the eras (mainly English)

Have competed in Power lifting (club level ) I was pretty useless, but qualified as a National level referee

Most of my years have been bodybuilding training at a pretty high level however I never competed (mainly scared off by the drug culture)

This site is extraordinary , a real treasure

I have no idea why I didnt join earlier im looking forward to supporting and participating in any way I can



Well I do believe this is the most thorough and impressive introduction anyone has ever made here! Welcome to the HOPC forum Liam, it's great to have someone with your experience & knowledge aboard and I look forward to your participation. :)

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