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When Violence is the answer

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:51 pm
by Quadsquat
A highly recommended book by Tim Larkin

this is not a “how to book”

in summary “technique kills, principles save lives”

sound familiar ?

some real life examples are given …i particularly like this one

- a young lady is forced by her dad to take one of Tim’s classes while on a boat cruise , she reluctantly sits through the session and then eagerly continues her holiday

- years later she arrives at one of his classes with her 3 younger sisters , she tells this story:

- when she first moved into her college dorm she one day wok up with a man on top of her in her bed , he was pulling down her pants

- remembering Tims lessons she held back her panic , put her arm around his neck and with her other hand pushed her thumb into the corner of his eye socket

- in great pain, he jumped off the ben pulling her off with him

- again executing Tims lessons she smashed her forearm into the front of his neck

- unable now to breath he fell to the floor and she made her escape

- he died of course

- she carried on with her life and made sure her sisters received the same single lesson course

lets use this example to address Tims basic principles

• there are 2 types of violence :
- Social aggression – the normal alpha male BS one encounters – principle - avoid and walk away . He gives examples where accidental death can occur (head on pavement etc) and then 2 lives are destroyed ….its just not worth it

- A-social violence – here you are dealing with someone who WANTS to cause you serious harm , this would be the typical South African crime , which usually involves theft AND rape / murder

• awareness is obviously defence no 1

• now comes the interesting stuff , once its clear violence is imminent ,now what?

• the point is made that “self defence” is the wrong term , you should not be defending at all

• good guy / bad gym – this is not the correct mental state ….violence does not care about who is the good guy its just a tool to be used . You have to forget about being the GOOD GUY

• you have to be the one that uses the TOOL the most effectively

• INFLICT INJURY – injury here is of a serious debilitating nature . This shuts down the attackers command centre and he will not be able to continue , you must do this BEFORE he shuts down yours

• there can be no SPECIFIC training for a violent encounter as all of them are unique…..apply these principles

- strike the vulnerable targets …whatever makes itself available ….NECK (side of neck, open hand ) , eyes – gouge the eyeball out the socket ….insert thumb into the corner and gouge it out, break joints – knee wrist etc, kick groin , bite off ear , whatever presents itself

- inflict INJURY cause massive damage

- get out of there

• the point here is that you should not be fighting a- social violence with a set of rules prescribed by society (do not use unnecessary force etc) , if you do you will be DEAD

having faced a-social violence (knife attack) , this is the ONLY piece of s called “self -defence “ advice that makes any sense to me at all

there is a key issue here ,…..most situations you will face in the “real world” (ie not in SA or other lawless countries) , will be social aggression even a mugging. In the real world a mugger doesn’t want to harm you he just wants your money and to get out of there . Give him your money obviously

however if its clearly a social in nature seek to become the “BAD GUY” and inflict harm ….find a target and destroy it , strike through it not at it and let nature and the pain reflex do the rest

one last point and its my own observation ……constant practice has a benefit sure , but so does constant mental visualisation and the internalisation of Principles

i never practiced with my tactical baton BUT the ACT of strapping it on before every run for years , inculcated the principle that when attacked then draw the baton and use it

and when i was attacked that’s what i did all within seconds …zero thinking took place

its all about the principles

the book of course is a best seller but very criticised by the “ authorities” …..who of course don’t want people to be survivors far better to have a population of sheep like victims

our constitutions after all protect the poor criminals , god forbid they are held to account for their crimes ;……and anyway who cares about the victims of crime anyway. (here in SA the criminals get rushed off for private health care while you lie in the street and have to sort out your own medical care )

Re: When Violence is the answer

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:36 am
by peter yates
Hi Liam,
i am in total agreement and as you probably know by now have been advocating the same message for many years now. I have since i first heard it many years ago used the term self preservation or we could also say self survival, to survive we have to be willing to do anything that is needed to get the job done. The point about squaring off in an alpha male setting is a good example and many lethal injuries occur that never need to happen, a lose,lose situation. In fact though i have told very few people this it is why i stopped working the door. To cut a long story short a guy attacked me from the side and i really have no recollection of what happened but the guy ended up cracking his skull on the metal steps leading into the club. As fate would have it a St. John's ambulance man was just leaving the club and together we saved the guy's life. From that time on i vowed i would not willingly put myself in a position where i could do this to another person,especially for pay. Over the years i was asked to do many types of bodyguard and security work much of it very lucrative but always declined. Maurice always told me to use my skills for good and i chose to ignore that for a while.One time a Brazilian Jiujutsu, MMa guy who had come to do some training with us rushed me from behind with no warning. This guy was about 220lb and i felt the rush and was able to turn to the side enough so i did not get the full impact though he did take me to the ground.Now i always say never go to the ground but if you do you better keep on fighting. Before
he could get his breath or an hold on me he was a one eyed, eunuch :lol: Well not quite but he had a very sore red eye and and even more sore whatnots and was well aware of what nearly happened to him. Give him credit he stayed around long enough to get something out of training with us and admitted he wanted to see if i was worth training with. Now i have had people tell me over the years that what i taught them has helped them in some bad situations but the most unusual was a little Chinese lady who took my qigong class in Tokyo. We always practiced outside in a park and the set i was teaching at the time was known as the movements of the 5 animals. This was all about health and body awareness but occasionally i would comment how such and such a move could be used as a fighting technique.One day the lady came very excited to tell me that the previous day she had been accosted in an elevator by a much bigger man but rather than panic started to breathe deeply as she had been taught. When he went to grab her she shot a palm up into his throat from the tiger form then as he went down sent a knee into his face from the deer form.Of course no planning here just action. The main thing was she had remained calm and acted as needed. Anyway as always Liam good observations that many do not want to openly discuss.