A Christmas Training Session

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A Christmas Training Session

Post by drob357 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:06 am

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By Louis Pontillo

As is my custom during the holiday season, I headed back to my place of origin to visit with friends and family. One person I'm always sure to pay a visit to when I'm in town is my long-time friend and mentor, Peter Yates. Peter and I spent a couple of hours together on Christmas Eve working on my Chen Style Tai Ji Quan in his backyard, just one of several styles of martial arts that are encompassed by the Wu De Guan system of Kung Fu.

Now you may say, “Tai Ji Quan! Isn't that the slow moving stuff?... that's a martial art?!” Oh yeah! The truth is...that's what the “Quan” means; in Chinese that's “boxing, or fighting with a fist.” Tai Chi, as it is commonly referred to, has become popularized as a method of maintaining health and vitality (which it is), but each of its movements is a technique or sometimes a series of techniques that can be used to by the proficient individual to defend against attack.

FULL STORY: https://davidgentle.com/combat/xmas/index.html
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