Body Weight and Free Exercise

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Re: Body Weight and Free Exercise

Post by sticksb » Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:29 pm

A good friend , my age (66) , had cuff and elbow issues but refused to give up his
bench presses for even a few workout weeks . His form , as I remember was a loose
belly toss style , nasty on cuffs + clavicles . I finally convinced him , several months
ago , to substitute push-ups for the benches along with DB side raises and the ol' gin
wheel triceps press down . He also purchased a 40# vest that he could micro load.
He has , in three months , worked up to sets of 25 reps with the whole extra 40#.
Sets of 12 in the parallel dip also . He told me he has not only licked his shoulder
pain but when testing the bench he was up 4 reps with what was his standard workout
weight . He said " man am I gonna jack up my bench now" !!! To which I replied
" why go back dude " ???

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