Pull Up Push Up Routine

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Joe Frazier's routine!

Post by KauKeung » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:19 am

Here's a Pull up/Push up superset from Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier's train like the pro's book

It's goes as follows

10 Pull ups supersetted with 25 press ups (all with decent form and posture) rest 2minutes and repeat twice more so

10 pull ups + 25 press ups (2mins rest)

10 pull ups + 25 press ups (2mins rest)

10 pull ups + 25 press ups ( last set)

3 supersets only however the pump in the upper-body is immense , quite a challenge initially but with consistency the adaptations will come :D

peter yates
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Re: Pull Up Push Up Routine

Post by peter yates » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:04 am

Hi Keung,
yes that is a terrific yet simple routine with very limited equipment, thank for sharing.A big fan of 'Smoking Joe," so i should get his book. I always say "wherever your body is you have a gym." As a martial arts practitioner you are well aware of this. Doing Boxing as a kid the old trainer had us doing hill sprints, air squats, push ups,Pull ups, sit up and throw the medicine ball, heavy bag work. With all the fancy and i might add, expensive equipment we have these days, i do not think anyone could come up with a better overall conditioning routine.
Peter Yates

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