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European Elections 2019

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:16 pm
by Harry Hayfield
After a great deal of debate and discussion, thanks to the United Kingdom not formally agreeing a ratification process with the European Union, the United Kingdom will be taking part in the elections which are held in all 28 member nations between May 23rd and the 26th with results being announced from 10.00pm CET on May 26th 2019. Because the elections are held on such a large scale, parties at the national level sit in continental blocs and thanks to the way the Parliament is elected (using proportional representation) there is never a single party with majority control of the Parliament.

At the last elections held in 2014, there were eight main blocs with the following number of MEP's per bloc:

European People's Party: 221 MEP's
Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats: 191 MEP's
European Conservatives and Reformers: 70 MEP's
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe: 67 MEP's
European United Left / Nordic Green Left: 52 MEP's
Greens / European Free Alliance: 50 MEP's
Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy: 48 MEP's
Non Attached: 52 MEP's

Re: European Elections 2019

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:17 am
by Harry Hayfield
Nominations for the elections have now closed in all 28 nations taking part and the schedule of voting has now been formally published:

May 23rd 2019: Netherlands (26 MEP's), United Kingdom (73 MEP's)
May 24th 2019: Republic of Ireland (11 MEP's), Czech Republic (21 MEP's)
May 25th 2019: Latvia (8 MEP's), Malta (6 MEP's), Slovakia (13 MEP's), Czech Republic (21 MEP's)
May 26th 2019: Austria (18 MEP's), Belgium (21 MEP's), Bulgaria (17 MEP's), Croatia (11 MEP's), Cyprus (6 MEP's), Denmark (13 MEP's), Estonia (6 MEP's), Finland (13 MEP's), France (74 MEP's), Germany (96 MEP's), Greece (21 MEP's), Hungary (11 MEP's), Italy (73 MEP's), Lithuania (11 MEP's), Luxembourg (6 MEP's), Poland (51 MEP's), Portugal (21 MEP's), Romania (32 MEP's), Slovenia (8 MEP's), Spain (54 MEP's), Sweden (20 MEP's)

However, despite the fact that multiple countries will have already voted before everyone else, no results may be announced until the polls have closed in all voting nations, this means that results are not usually published until at least 10.00pm CET on May 26th.