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The Best Physical Culturists of the 1990's

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 12:48 pm
by Harry Hayfield
In the 1990's everyone was at it! Not only were bodybuilders and strongmen now sporting six packs, even pop singers were (who can forget Peter Andre being asked to show off his six pack in nearly every interview) so how did the world of physical culture react? Well, the simple answer is, it couldn't. Some people have called the 1990's "the death of the concept of bodybuilding" when mass ruled (regardless of whether that mass had muscle or not), I myself, believe that it simply went into retirement for the 1990's knowing that eventually it's time would come again.

1) All nominees must have been born prior to 1970
2) All nominees must have come to public prominence between 1990 and 1999
3) Nominations will be accepted in text (name of physical culturist), images or video (labelled with the name, country of birth and date of image)
4) Nominations will close at 0000 PDT on September 8th 2019