Launch of Ray's Training Q & A

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Re: Launch of Ray's Training Q & A

Post by Quadsquat » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:14 pm

Hi Ray

Welcome to the HPC forums and thanks for offording us access to your many years of exerience at the top levels of powerlifting and bodybuilding

I have many questions but will pace myself so you dont change your mind and head for the "door"!

First iI need to recommend to other members your ebook which i found very interetsing , especially if one has an interest in a behind the scenes look at British powerlifting and bodybuilding during the period of your career.

My question:

What did you find was the most productive training frequency for the squat, bench and deadlift for making progress in strength ie how many rest days between squat workouts (and for the other 2 lifts)and did you find any value in "light" workouts?

thanks in advance


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Re: Launch of Ray's Training Q & A

Post by raynobile » Sat Jul 27, 2019 8:30 am

hi liam thanks for your question.i never followed a fixed routine per se.i was an instictive trainer.haphazard in my selection of poundages etc. obviously i knew i had to train mainly the 3 powerlifts.i never had a light day, weights were always heavy.however i very seldom went to 1 rep max. preferring reps in the 3 to 5 a great believer in letting my mind and body telling me what i should do.i always got 2 squat and deadlift workouts in. and 3 bench workouts per week. example if i did 300ks for 5 in the squat on monday, my next squat day i would try to do the same. if i got the 5 reps then i would increase the weight by 5 kgs.i would probaly get 3 or 4 with that weight, i would stay with that poundage untill i could get 5 reps on TWO succesive workouts. what i never did was drop down in poundage if i didnt get the reps.i just did the reps i was capable of in that off day. i.e. if i did 4 reps on the ist squat day and was going for 4 on the second day but felt the weight too heavy i would get what i could repwise even if i only got 2 reps. same with my benches always heavy adjusdting the reps to suit. when i was a member of the great britain team, we met twice a month in birmingham for squad was interesting to chat to other lifters, such as world champions like ron collins, eddie pengelly and peter fiore. their workouts were all different. they all did what suited them. every one has their individual needs. you just have to find out what suits you. regards, your friend in sport, ray.

peter yates
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Re: Launch of Ray's Training Q & A

Post by peter yates » Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:58 pm

Hi Ray, thanks for the great response and once again you hit the nail on the head. If there was one way to train to get results we would all be doing it.I think we can all agree that a novice needs guidance from an experienced trainer, either in person or by correspondence at first to build a basic foundation and understanding of training principles,beyond that each must find the best way for themselves. Often much experimentation is required but gradually we find what we best respond to over time and then like you say trust your mind,trust your body.Mentioning the mind, i know myself that dropping the reps instead of the weight always worked for me mentally and i guess physically as my body was still dealing with the weight.Others i knew favored the heavy, medium, light approach. While i really enjoy reading articles about how others trained, and there are always ideas to be gleaned from their perusal,i have never felt inclined to follow anyone else routine as laid down.If we see training as a journey rather than a destination finding our own way is half the fun.Thanks again for your valued input.
Peter Yates

Tom K
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Re: Launch of Ray's Training Q & A

Post by Tom K » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:58 am

Hello Ray

Did you ever have any exercises that you couldn't get to grips with due to joint pain (for example, many can't do dips or behind neck press due to shoulders) and if you did, how did you go about training around it?

On the same theme, what lifts do you naturally excel at, and which lifts did you struggle on? How did you bring up the weaker exercises?



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Re: Launch of Ray's Training Q & A

Post by raynobile » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:07 pm

hi tom, i have been fortunate that i never had an exercise that gave me pain. i put this down to starting training at a young age, 13 years old. also i have been very consistent with my 55 years of training i have not had more than a week off.i have however had a couple of injuries during my powerlifting and strongman career. first was a lower back injury whilst competing in bsm 1979.this injury soon healed but it used to come back now and then, untill i was forced to retire from doing squats and deadlifts.but i had a good long competitive time before giving those lifts up. 1998 was my last powerlifting contest, so i had 19 years of training and competitions since my initial back injury.the only other injury i had was a ruptured pattela tendon, this was in 1980 and took 9 months to heal. now even with those injuries i still trained 3 or 4 times per week.i just trained around the injury. today i dont have problems with my lower back so long as i dont squat or deadlift. i still do powerack deadlifts from knee height. a short but effective movement which doesnt affect my lower back. 300kgs for sets of 5 reps.i then reduce the weight to 200kgs and do shrugs for sets of 8 reps.i use an overhand grip for these and on the final rep i stand and hold the weight till my grip gives out. fantastic grip workout doing this. hope this answers your question tom. regards, ray.

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