Reg park, speech and posing, Toronto 1988

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Tom K
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Reg park, speech and posing, Toronto 1988

Post by Tom K » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:54 am

I hope you enjoy this, I thought the last posing he did was in 1980 Mr Olympia.

Fantastic shape but a even better speech from the great man.


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Re: Reg park, speech and posing, Toronto 1988

Post by raynobile » Tue Nov 12, 2019 8:12 am

thanks tom. reg gave a nice tribute to grimek in his speech.also displayed quiete a physique for someone of 60.came accross as a very level headed and intelligent man. with a good work ethic. says its not about winning on the stage. its about the training leading up to the contest.meaning the enjoyment you get from your workouts. wise words indeed.

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David Gentle
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Re: Reg park, speech and posing, Toronto 1988

Post by David Gentle » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:35 am

Reg was a great bloke, did you know, like Grimek, despite the huge volume of mail, he (and JCG) answered personally all mail, in Regs case in long hand. letters to treasure. I asked both Reg and Grimek how did they manage to cope with it, and both said they appreciated the fans and often just wrote a few lines on the back of the correspondents own letter and signed it, It seems everyone was happy as to get a genuine signed note from your idol is amazing. I have all of Regs letters, some i have copied and are on the site along with a lot of other mail. Reg was a great communicator didnt charge for his autograph and thereby never lost his fans . Where Reg went wrong in later life in contests was he slimmed down too much, lost a lot of size/bulk as he thought the views of the judges were in favour of lighter blokes like Gironda, it was a mistake and cost Reg a couple of wins. Last time i saw him was a few weeks before he died at the OHF Awards in London, he came up and gave me a man hug, thanked me for all the articles i had written about him. His legacy lives on with Jon Jon. David Gentle
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