Physical culture on Wikipedia project

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Physical culture on Wikipedia project

Post by RunningAlone » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:57 am


I am a Wikipedia editor but thought I would sign up here. I am in the process of creating articles for people associated with physical culture.

I have created a few recently, such as Sanford Bennett.

I have also created a category for people associated with physical culture, there are many articles listed there. ... al_culture

If anyone has any suggestions or you want to help you can let me know here in this thread if this is aloud by the admins, thanks.

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Re: Physical culture on Wikipedia project

Post by David Gentle » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:00 am

Hi Running alone, you certainly wont be alone on this site as you will soon discover once you get the hang of how to find your subjects. With Dianes blessing,[ you are certainly welcome to use what may be useful for references by looking me up "David Gentle" and click to "Publications" by also my CV would help along with "The life and Times of David Gentle", all this is not for an ego trip, after over half a century and writing literally thousands of articles and quite a few books, its no big deal now to see my name in print. but as a life long lover of physical culture, i like the guys of today to realise just whos shoulders they stand on. With the listing of my articles i have written, you can go to the printed source, Diane also sells many fine reference articles. My Life and Times will give an idea of early physical culture and what earlier bodybuilders once did, when we trained we were considered freaks, now everyone and every sport uses weights. So take a stroll around the site, and as long as the site gets a plug, and thats the price you have to pay, you can use what you wish of mine, again acknowledging the copyright is now with Diane Robert (whos husband was a former Mr Universe) So welcome. David F.Gentle(ex features editor of Health and Strength magazine) see my c.v. or just google "David Gentle" bodybuilding.
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Re: Physical culture on Wikipedia project

Post by drob357 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:52 am

Hi Running Alone,
If you need any assistance you are most welcome to email me directly at I will be back in the office this coming Monday and Tuesday (Apr. 29/30). The History of Physical Culture Library contains over 700 rare historical books and articles along with dozens of photo galleries featuring strongmen throughout the ages. For more information or to subscribe visit
Kind regards,
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