Was Vince Gironda sponsored by American farmers?

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Harry Hayfield
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Was Vince Gironda sponsored by American farmers?

Post by Harry Hayfield » Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:16 am

As a member of the Quora question and answer website I often get questions that slightly stump me or make me scratch my head. Today was one such example:
Is it true that Vince Gironda advocated eating thirty six eggs a day as part of a training routine and if so, was he being supported by the National Association of Egg Farmers at the time?
When I have questions like that I immediately come to you, so did he and was he?
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Re: Was Vince Gironda sponsored by American farmers?

Post by Talbot » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:04 am

Yes Vince Gironda advocated eating a lot of eggs. He was an early advocate of what is today called the extremely low carb diet, for building muscle size, and strength.

No, Vince was not sponsored by any association of egg farmers, though I think he would have liked to have been!

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David Gentle
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Re: Was Vince Gironda sponsored by American farmers?

Post by David Gentle » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:42 am

Regarding Vince Gironda, and yes i have met and spoken to him at the NABBA Universe in london, For fans of Vince, i can not recommend strongly enough you obtain one of Karl Coyne's massive books dedicated to the Iron Guru, eg "Vince's Secret Locker" over 600 glossy pages with more photos than you have even seen before of Vince, Karl is almost obsessive with his mass of information and details and if you only get one book, get this, Please mention David Gentle and our site and visit www.VincesSecretLocker.com for details or seek ISBN 978-0-9985229-3-7 Vince was featured a lot in Raders Iron Man and yes did recommend eating lots of eggs(I dont recommend eating an excess of anything) if there was anyone who shoulld have sponsored him, and its no secret, then it should have been for what we call "John Barleycorn" as he did like his tot or two, or three or......................................David Gentle who has also been known to sink a pint or ?
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peter yates
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Re: Was Vince Gironda sponsored by American farmers?

Post by peter yates » Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:08 pm

Hi Harry, also this type of question is taken out of all perspective. Vince advocated many approaches to training and eating that often went against the conventional grain. He was often experimenting on himself first before advising others. Yes he did advocate large intakes of eggs but for special circumstances and not all the time. He also changed his ideas a few times, so looking at his life and teaching in more detail to get the broader view would be advised as an answer to such questions.
Peter Yates

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