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Re: Energy and Maxalding/Sandow

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:39 am
by Paul Shaw
Hi Paul

I can only give you my opinion regarding the maxalding system, Sandow light dumbbell course and my own experience.

What I believe is important is to understand where it all came from.

I read that the Maxalding course was produced by Monte Saldo and before publication Maxick turned up and Monte added some of Maxick's exercises to the course then published it.

How much Maxick contributed is debatable as Monte was a stage strongman in his own right and had been apprenticed to Sandow. He was also adept at muscle control.

So Monte certainly had been trained in the light dumbbell system and added his own twist to the exercises. I have mentioned before the early maxalding exercise photos of Monte show him performing the bicep contraction with a light dumbbell.

Sandow would also keep in shape by flexing his muscles (without the dumbbells) as he read the morning paper so the two systems are very much interlinked.

Your understanding of how to exercise and your description is spot on.

As to how long to hold the muscle contraction, I tend to liken it to squeezing a ball. So you squeeze a rubber ball until it is squashed then release the squeeze. That is how the contraction should feel. This is teaching the muscle to contract fully but quickly which is what you want. The muscle is then relaxed and lengthened. by as you identified, contraction of the antagonist muscle.

Sandow was timed making a punch to test his reflexes against a famous boxer Donovan (I think he was called) and it was found Sandow's punch was almost as quick as the boxer.

I believe that the Sandow training should achieve this muscle development capable of fast movements, therefore the movements should not be drawn out but performed quickly.

With regards to when to stop the exercise the muscle should start to ache pretty bad but also the movement will slow down, time to stop.

In my view the maxalding exercises should be performed the same way as the Sandow system the references to controlled in my opinion refers to the total isolation of the chosen muscle being exercised. The achievement of all one could wish for with the one perfect maxalding contraction is perhaps something to aspire to but for now performing enough reps to stimulate the muscle is more important.

Regarding Thomas Inch and his recovery from scarlet fever the detail I have before is all I have

Happy flexing


Re: Energy and Maxalding/Sandow

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:09 pm
by peter yates
pm24 wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:46 am
Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for all that helpful information. I will PM as you you suggested to get some more detailed advice.

I found an article about Gallagher on a Scottish newspaper website after googling his name, as of the time of its writing he was still weightlifting at 80. The article mentioned he suffered from Chronic Fatigue/ME for 10 years in his 50s and recovered.

Thanks again

Hi Paul, you are very welcome. Glad you were able to locate the Gallagher [sometimes written as Gallacher] information. David knows him. With the information the guys have provided and our PM discussion i trust you have something to get you started. My only recommendation is to take it slowly and build up gradually.Remember when you are dealing with an health issue the first step is healing and building up a reserve of energy,the muscles can come later.

Re: Energy and Maxalding/Sandow

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:03 am
by pm24
Thank you all for your kind replies, you have all been very helpful.

I have started sensibly as both Paul and Peter suggested. In the morning I am doing the Sandow routine, but just the exercises that target biceps (4 exercises), lats (2) and pecs (2) focussing on the mind to muscle control throughout the range and a brief squeeze at the peak contraction, then relax. I am doing it until there is an ache, but with the CFS that happens at a relatively low rep number.

In the afternoon/early evening I am doing some Maxalding exercises for the same 3 muscles focussing on the mind to muscle again and the alternating contraction/relaxation.

I am already feeling some benefit, it is great to be back exercising again (gently) after 3 months off. But as you both recommend I shall take it slow, make sure this level of exercise is beneficial on my energy levels before adding another muscle groups.

I am crystal clear on the Sandow approach, but still have some haziness on some aspects of the Maxalding, so if you don't mind I may post some follow up questions for clarification on Maxalding?

Thank you once again


Re: Energy and Maxalding/Sandow

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:27 pm
by peter yates
Hi Paul, great to hear you are back in the game and have taken was what was relative to you from our comments.Please feel free to ask any questions that may arise.Quite possibly as you gain accomplishment in the controls you have chosen many of those questions will answer themselves.

Re: Energy and Maxalding/Sandow

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:01 am
by David Gentle
Just a brief addition to all the great helpful replies re the systems and energy.i have mentioned before i personally benefited from Maxalding to recover from overtraining with weights, using them at the time suggested by the latest American muscle mags, being an excess of forced exercises that drained my nervous system so much i was actually ill. ( we did not for example use drugs to help us recover) The experience using maxalding brought me recovery and i regained health and my energy. Secondly one part of the formulae for recovering from physical exhaustion, not mentioned, is the most important of all, you must have sufficient rest, that means proper sleep at the right time. i will miss out all the technical stuff and cut it down to you having to have a good 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep each night, sleeping in a cool and darkened bedroom. younger people need even more sleep, eg, school children would do far better if they didnt have to go to school so early and some countries have experimented with sending their kids to school say at 10 or 11am rather than 8 or 9, and the kids did better both in knowledge and fitness. also if you are exhausted, its ok to take a 40 minute nap mid day (power nap) but never nap after 3pm... that way sooner or later your overall energy and mental state will show improvement. Good luck with the Maxalding with practice the "knack" will come and you will have a great tool for your fitness training. David Gentle

Re: Energy and Maxalding/Sandow

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:19 pm
by pm24
Thank you David, that is very encouraging to hear about your recovery using Maxalding.

I am prioritising improving sleep even above exercise and nutrition. Through the changes I have been making I have managed to cut down nighttime awakenings from 5+ per night to 1 or 2. I am hoping that getting back to some gentle nourishing exercise will further improve the quality of sleep.

A question to any maxaldists - if a control is starting to feeling right, should doing several reps of the mind-to-muscle contraction and relaxation in that control position produce an achiness in the target muscle? is that a sign you are working the muscle correctly?

Warmest regards