Tiger Joe Robinson dead aged 90

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Re: Tiger Joe Robinson dead aged 90

Post by peter yates » Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:16 pm

Taking on the phone last night with our man in Australia,Laurie Smith.We were discussing muscle in the movies and Joe's name came up.Laurie told me one day while walking in his local Neighborhood in Sydney he spotted Joe and went up and introduced himself. Joe was over there visiting some fiends and talked with Laurie for about 30 minutes,which shows what a decent,down to earth bloke he was. Laurie was impressed with how good Joe looked at about 65 years old.Joe told him he was off to the local Gym for a workout.As far as the movies went he said he had only two regrets, one was turning down the offer to be the Rank Gongman and the second was missing out on a part that eventually went to Bill Travis. The movie was Wee Geordie, about a young Scots lad who built himself up by a mail order bodybuilding course and then went on to become an hammer thrower in the Melbourne Olympics. Joe said he just could not get the Scots accent right so lost the part.Shame as he was a lot better developed than Bill Travis and would have fit the role better i think.
Peter Yates

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