Subscribers Reviews HOPC Library

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Subscribers Reviews HOPC Library

Post by drob357 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:09 am

Join today by visiting Pay only $19.95 for entire year!
We hope you will consider supporting our efforts to preserve Physical Culture history. Proceeds help fund our operating costs.


Image"The HISTORY OF PHYSICAL CULTURE LIBRARY is like the great Library of Alexandria for discovering how to build a strong powerful physique. When that library was destroyed at the end of the Roman Empire the world was plunged into a thousand years of darkness. Because of that lost knowledge everything had to be relearned.

The information on this website has a proven track record by some of the strongest men to walk this earth. Fortunately this knowledge has been preserved and is available here. Why spend a lifetime trying to relearn what it takes to become truly powerful without supplements or confused contradictory training methods and gimmicks. Whatever your struggling with in your training or any question you have, the solution can be found here; because many people before you have also struggled with those very same issues. I have found that a lot of the information here is personally tailored to my own needs almost as if it was written by a personal trainer. And the same will be true for you…This is the most comprehensive body of knowledge on real life, in the trench training you can find. I highly recommend you find out for yourself. " -C. Anderson

Image"I cannot believe the vast amount of both historical and current information contained on the HOPC website. Much included is extremely rare and would even if available cost a small fortune. The price of admission to the site would not even cover one item that is contained therein. Apart from all that is immediately ready to start reading there are more items being added daily, plus constant upgrades and improvements to the site. I cannot recommend subscribing to the HOPC enough and I also feel good knowing my subscription is helping to keep the HOPC site in operation for myself and others to enjoy." -Peter Y.

Image"The HOPC Is just what it states on the label. The History of Physical Culture. I believe it is the most complete history of this subject on the internet. If all the material on the site was put into print, the cost of the volumes would be beyond most people’s pockets. The HOPC believes that all this information should be available and affordable to everyone, and at $19.95 I believe it is. From Apollon to Zass, The A to Z of physical culture is within its pages. It will make a great inexpensive gift for someone."- Gil W.

Image"Years ago I took the advise of a good friend who is also a fellow member of HOPC . How many other websites are a creative outlet for participation rather then just something to gawk at . Significant contributions from the forum members create new training possibilities for fellow members . There is also the opportunity to rub elbows and share information with some of the true giants of the physical culture game such as David Gentle and Gil Waldron .Of course the wonderful Diane Robert is there to keep us in line and provide a monumental site for all to enjoy . I encourage all serious seekers of health and strength to join the site and library .HOPC continues to produce (not just reproduce)!!!" Chris "Sticks" Bostick
Diane Robert
Chief Librarian/Site Administrator

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