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Training for the Deadlift by Jan Todd

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:05 am
by drob357
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Reproduction: Originally Published in Muscular Development mag Mar./Apr.1979.
Contributed by Peter Yates, HOPC Editor-in-Chief

Enjoy this outstanding piece by JAN TODD, one of the strongest woman of all time. The author begins by stating, “…although this article is being written by a woman and should be of particular interest to women, especially to the ever-growing group of women powerlifters, I think that perhaps many men as well might find some of the ideas contained herein to be helpful in developing the sort of back strength it takes to add pounds to the deadlift. ”
Photo below: The starting position for the power clean and high pull. Photo: Falcon
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Re: Training for the Deadlift by Jan Todd

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:25 am
by David Gentle
I enjoyed the piece on Jan Todd, she is the most amazing woman, not only strong, but attractive and massively intelligent, with her and the late Terry doing more than anyone else in the world to save and spread the amazing history of all physical culture,resulting in the Texas holding of what must be like going to heaven for someone like me who has always had an interest in our beginnings. Jan is still most active as is her right hand man , our own amazing font of knowledge David Webster OBE. all power to them. David Gentle in admiration.I am also proud under the hard work of Diane and our regular contributors and generous helpers that this site must surely in the same catagory as the Texas facilty, thus we speak from the same song sheet and a happy song it is too.