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Bob Hoffman's Simplified System of Barbell Training

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:16 pm
by drob357


Enjoy this beautifully rendered, visually enhanced 77-page reproduction of this highly informative book by weightlifting authority, BOB HOFFMAN. Contains two courses of barbell exercises along with detailed instructions and vivid illustrations.

BOB HOFFMAN – athlete, nutritionist, weightlifter, coach and philanthropist – was born on a farm in Tifton, Georgia on Nov 9th 1898. His family stock was good. Bob was never the seven stone weakling claimed by other physical culturists. His father was a large strong man who liked to demonstrate the hardness of his tensed muscles. Given this it his easy to see how Bob was influenced in his formative years.

When Bob was 5 years old the family moved to Wilkinsburg near Pittsburgh where his athletic career started from a very young age. He was an exceptional athlete especially in aquatic sports – his favorite being canoeing.

The First World War saw Bob as a hero. He gained 3 Croix de Guerres with two palms and a Silver Star from France. From Belgium he was awarded The Belgian Order of Leopold and from Italy the Italian War Cross and the Purple Heart.

His business started in the 1920s, at first selling oil burners, before developing into the massive York Barbell Company.

Bob Hoffman, never a great coach or great weightlifter, was a man who influenced and guided weightlifting and bodybuilding for half a century. He died on July 18th 1985 suffering heart disease and dementia.

His writings and ideas have been criticised – we make no comment – but present them for you to form your own conclusions.”

-Gil Waldron, HOPC Research Historian & Contributing Writer

Re: Bob Hoffman's Simplified System of Barbell Training

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:51 am
by David Gentle
This is a great little book to read and own. Hoffman had his critics, including yours truly, but there is no doubt it was his love, inspiration and generosity that formed and made the American Weightlifting team the success it became. David

Re: Bob Hoffman's Simplified System of Barbell Training

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:42 am
by peter yates
Thanks Diane, this book presents a very simple and easy to follow routine for those with little time to train or those who just want to stay fit and healthy. It is also a template from which other such routines can be made from. No doubt without the contributions of Hoffman, Weider, Lurie etc. no matter ones opinion of them, the world of weightlifting, bodybuilding and the entire fitness industry would have been sadly lacking.