Problem of Beginners by John Grimek

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Problem of Beginners by John Grimek

Post by drob357 » Fri May 24, 2019 10:44 pm


Published in Strength and Health magazine March 1962


The great strongman/bodybuilder John Grimek unlike many others never wrote a book or training manual. Thankfully he wrote thousands of articles over the years and for those who have a collection of old magazines his words are still accessible.

We will of course feature some of these on HOPC so everyone can enjoy his training wisdom. When i started training in earnest it was common to indulge in preparation training before beginning on the weights themselves. In my case i had to do 6 weeks of body weight calisthenics. Then the following weeks were geared to learning the correct execution of the main exercises. Only after this break in period were weights gradually increased to full training poundage. This presents a steady and gradual lead in to hopefully a lifetime of productive training. What is written in this article by John Grimek carries as much credence as when it initially was put into print.
-Peter Yates, Editor-in-Chief
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