My Friendship with Arthur Saxon by Thomas Inch

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My Friendship with Arthur Saxon by Thomas Inch

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It was well known that Thomas Inch became good friends with the Saxons and benefited from their advise and experience. This piece gives testimony to those facts, However in my opinion it is marred by the claim near the end that Arthur Saxon was never able to lift Inch's famous challenge Dumbbell.

As we see the year of writing is 1952 long after Arthur had died and unable to refute that claim. To my knowledge and that of others who have some understanding of the subject nothing of the nature was ever mentioned while Saxon was alive. Knowing the raw strength of Arthur Saxon and his mighty grip, I personally feel sure that if he had tried the bell in question then he would have at the very least raised it of the ground as in a deadlift.

So he either never tried, which considering he was friends with Inch seems unlikely, or he did it in private but did not take credit in deference to his friend's reputation. Having nothing to prove I feel the latter most likely. If that was the case it would have been best if Inch had never mentioned it at all. Of course, this is just my opinion but one that seems likely. - Peter Yates, HOPC Editor-in-Chief.
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