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Post by peter yates » Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:08 pm

Greetings everyone,
we will soon be approaching the year 2020. Much has happened in the world of Physical Culture,Bodybuilding and Strength sports since the early pioneering days.Some of it has been positive, some of it not so. The more i step back and view the past 120 years the more i see that the majority of what was good emerged early on its evolution. For those who desire the most in muscle mass at the expense of health and longevity then maybe not,but for the ones whose purpose is to develop a strong, muscular physique, vibrant health,fitness and well being and the ability to engage in a wide variety of physical pursuits, then the advise of the old timers is difficult to beat.
The HOPC library is a treasure trove of information from the PC pioneers who laid a solid foundation for future generations,advise that is as valid today as when it was first written. Over 500 hundred books and original articles laid out in an easy to read format await anyone for the price of a sandwich and coffee,for a whole year. A really terrific deal. Many will scan the forum looking for training tips of which there are many due to a small group of experienced members who have shared their knowledge with each other.It is good if others can benefit from these posts.However there is so much more awaiting in the library of immense benefit to anyone who has a true passion for real Physical Culture. The most important thing is that all proceeds from the library go to keeping this amazing repository of information running and constantly improving. Diane does an amazing and underappreciated job in the background,giving of her time and energy to provide such a stellar product.I would ask those who enjoy what the forum has to offer,but as yet have not joined the Library, to consider doing so, and helping Diane keep this wonderful resource going into 2020. A great holiday gift to yourself or another would be a membership in the HOPC library.What are you waiting for? You will not regret it.
Peter Yates

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