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Forum Etiquette

Post by Internalfitness » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:44 am

The forum software tells me I’ve been a member since 2016, and I’ve been a member of the site for the same amount of time I think.

I joined the HOPC forum because it was the one I found online that seemed to serve the purpose I wanted, and when I post questions I always get sensible and helpful answers. Equally, there are times I like showing my support for a particular topic, or on the very odd occasion, I might have something actually to contribute.

I remain a full member of the site mainly to be supportive, but I do check out the library every now and again and enjoy Davids Muscelaneous.

There are however two things that have bothered me today. I’ve worked in online development for 15+ years now; website development, e-commerce strategy, online community development, as well as real-time community development work for about the same amount of time.

The “full body” thread has descended into a bit of a mess, and really at a certain point, one has to moderate such things with a far firmer hand than I know the moderators like to. Either the thread is closed, or the poster is banned – or both.

When people see threads like that it is damaging to the brand – that’s why a lot of companies did away with forums and why most of them now are run as independent entities, usually with nothing more than a hardcore group doing the vast majority of the postings.

The second thing, and connected to the above relates to the “Which physical culturists were vegetarian?” thread. I actually found this mildly interesting, certainly not offensive. But at the time of writing this, the last comment ends with: “You can try and spread your worthless vegan propaganda if you want to. Just don't expect any of the members here to fall for it.”

It is always difficult to judge tone online, therefore you need to take things as read. If I was the original author I wouldn’t bother posting another thing on here.

I doubt I’m the only one that has noticed this, and in the grand scheme of things I don’t suppose ANY of it matters, but this was a nice forum with nice people. It would be a shame if that niceness was diluted or lost.

Be nice.


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Harry Hayfield
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Re: Forum Etiquette

Post by Harry Hayfield » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:51 pm

If I may permit, I would like to offer a few words of advice on the topic, specifically from a book published in the 19th century by the wife of a Lord Mayor that I downloaded onto my computer some time ago (on a whim) that I believe may be of help here.

Things you should not do in polite society: Bite your bread, eat peas with a knife, use a comb or hairbrush in public, point at people, whisper about someone, hint about someone, speaking before being spoken to.

Things you can do in polite society: Sit apart from a lady in the open countryside, never smell of onions, blowing your nose behind closed doors, serving apple pie to the woman that you love.

Therefore, taking these pieces of information on board, I would say that if we just allow people who may have different opinions, thoughts or views to express those opinions and then appreciate the time that they taken to compose those thoughts, even if we disagree with them, then I am sure we shall all get along famously.

P.S For the openness of the discussion, although I am not a genuine vegetarian (as there are some that I cannot stand) I am not a true meat eater either, only liking sliced ham and small pieces of bacon in quiches and carbonara sauce.
"Great heavens, what is there to adulate in me? Am I particularly intelligent, or remarkably studious, or excruciatingly witty, or unusually accomplished, or exceptionally virtuous?"
(The Duke of Dunstable, Patience by Gilbert and Sullivan)

peter yates
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Re: Forum Etiquette

Post by peter yates » Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:07 pm

Richie, i am in agreement that we need to be more respectful in our communication on this forum. There is no place for rudeness and as you say the point can be made without attacking a certain individual. I may chose to disagree with someone but unless that person has been downright insulting then there is room for dialogue.As i mentioned in the other post if someone wants to argue there are forums for that.Constructive criticism is welcomed but let us all behave like reasonable adults and support each others efforts.In the past a couple of people have been removed from the forum but the problem lies in not using one's real name, they can return using another alias.In the past when i have been attacked for my views i have just chosen to ignore the post.
Peter Yates

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Re: Forum Etiquette

Post by drob357 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:13 pm

Thank you Richie, Harry and Peter for taking time to express your concerns about the need for Forum etiquette and respecting one another's opinions. I have removed the offensive commentary from this thread and from those published in the vegan thread that appears in the sub-forum, "PC Discussion Group".

The HOPC has worked very hard over the years to be a reliable resource in representing the history of Physical Culture. Our forum is comprised of members who respect one another and feel safe to share their opinions based on their life experience. We each walk our own path in life and we stand in our belief that basic courtesy and respect are essential.
Diane Robert
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