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Collectors Items for Sale

Post by drob357 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:27 am

Greetings Everyone,

I am posting this advert on behalf of Karl who is a collector. He wants to sell the following items "most in mint condition". If you are interested, you may reach Karl by email at

Thanks, Diane

- 3 More Reps Book 1 and book 2-both is great condition
- Beyond the Universe
- HFL Legendary Abs-rare black cover edition
- HFL Legendary Abs-regular booklet
- HFL Max Calves,Synershape,Amino Acids-all mint
- Pumping Iron with Arnold on cover
- Vince Gironda 10 8 6 15
- 5 Muscle Builder booklets from 1930's
- Compound Aftershock-Ironman
- Hurricane Survival Guide-autographed
- Weider Specialized Bulk Training
- Weider Super Power-as rare as they get
- Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness
- Pat Neves Bodybuilding Diet book
- XDL Diet book
- Strength Life Legacy
- Thibadeau THIB System Monthly
- 2 Ditillo original books-not reprints!
- That's Muscle Control Jubenville
- Salvati Muscular Bulk Hardcover book-Ironman 1960's
- 4 Larry Pacifico booklets-15 brochures-perfect
- Mind Doctrine autographed by Tom Platz
- Mentzer cassettes with booklet
- Static Contaction booklet-rare
- Bosco booklet 1,2, and 3 -perfect
- Columbu Nutrition
- Columbu 1980 booklet
- 4 Carl Richford booklets
- Don Ross Secrets of Super Fitness
- The Complete Cycle by Balik
- Total Muscularity by Balik
- Big Arms for You by McWilliams 1952 Ironman booklet
- Making Monsters Into Mortals
- Lean Body Muscle Manuel
- Big Beyond Belief with Platz
- Duchaine Ultimate Muscle Mass
- Duchaine Underground Steroid Handbook Update 1992
- Duchaine-Poliquin The Isocaloric Handbook
- IGF The Inside Story
- 17 Muscle Builder Magazines
- Paul Anderson Strongest Man book
- Big Beyond Belief-Serious Growth 4 book manuels
- 7 Dennis Tinerino booklets
I- ron Warrior Bodybuilding book with Arnold S.
- Rare Universal Bodybuilding material
- Over the Edge Paul Borresen
- The Anabolic Edge Paul Borresen
- Manifesto of Mass 4
- To Squat or Not to Squat Crain
Diane Robert
Chief Librarian/Site Administrator

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