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Re: Peter Seldon

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:48 am
by David Gentle
Jayne has sent me a nice load of details and dates, so i have plenty to work on, mainly by looking through the mags which i have, re nabba, although i am supposed to be a life member, i havent heard from them for years, so no idea what they do or who runs it? i did k now Malcolm whyatt kept the main records but is not so well, so he gave me a lot of lists and stuff which i will look through and hopefully find for Jayne named after Jayne Mansfield, who married Mickey Hargitay, who i did meet, a super bloke. back to the plot, cant do nothing for a couple of weeks as got to go to hospital to have a minor op,but will get back on the trail asap. as peter said, it would make a good story of him to write as only he can, we are so lucky to have such great talent, especially now with Ray also joining the mob. David Gentle