W. A. Pullum Patent Barbell

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Re: W. A. Pullum Patent Barbell

Post by DannyBoy » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:02 am

Handson wrote:Hi Danny

Seasons greetings to you and all.

I have an occasional look at Jack's online stuff and this one made me smile.

A soft landing by the looks of it.

The only airdrop I previously knew about is on my Apple computers!

Seasons greetings to you as well, Handson. That's a good action shot of Jack Starz going for a diving crossbody. :)

peter yates
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Re: W. A. Pullum Patent Barbell

Post by peter yates » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:51 am

Hi Handson,
nice one,what we might call aerial combat. :D
Peter Yates

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Re: W. A. Pullum Patent Barbell

Post by Handson » Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:44 am

Tom Balchin wrote:Hi Handson,

What a great Antiques Roadshow that was - I saw it when it was first aired - and Peter was due at mine a couple of days later so we pulled it up on iplayer and watched it again - an incredible barbell with unique (?) tap-style collars? Definitely a keeper!

Have a look at this which I found the other day to add to my collection (I like weightlifting medals and lapel pins!): there can't be many of these surviving - an original CWLC lapel pin.. it's about an inch round - this is in uncleaned state - it looks much better now...
Hi Tom

If you're still around.

I very recently acquired a CWLC buttonhole badge shown here. Like yours it was made by Fattorini but the design though similar, differs as you can see.

I have been in touch with Thomas Fattorini about the badge & was told that it was commissioned by the Bradford Fattorini site.

It seems there were three Fattorini brothers in friendly competition at different sites.

What exactly is the wording on the back of your badge?

If it mentions Thomas Fattorini rather than simply Fattorini then it is from the Birmingham site.

Oh and by the way my schoolboy latin tells me that there is a typo on the front of your badge!

Regards Handson

CWLC Badge Front.jpg
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