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Re: Peter Seldon

Post by David Gentle » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:48 am

Jayne has sent me a nice load of details and dates, so i have plenty to work on, mainly by looking through the mags which i have, re nabba, although i am supposed to be a life member, i havent heard from them for years, so no idea what they do or who runs it? i did k now Malcolm whyatt kept the main records but is not so well, so he gave me a lot of lists and stuff which i will look through and hopefully find for Jayne named after Jayne Mansfield, who married Mickey Hargitay, who i did meet, a super bloke. back to the plot, cant do nothing for a couple of weeks as got to go to hospital to have a minor op,but will get back on the trail asap. as peter said, it would make a good story of him to write as only he can, we are so lucky to have such great talent, especially now with Ray also joining the mob. David Gentle
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Re: Peter Seldon

Post by peter yates » Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:51 pm

In Muscle Builder magazine, vol 7,#4,page 11 from an article written by Barton Hovarth about the 1956 NABBA Mr.Universe.The third paragraph reads "The judges however, found themselves confronted with an almost impossible job.To establish absolute winners out of 66 of the world's best,required experience. integrity and a fair share of hard work.But with NABBA officials handling the job, no one ever doubted that the best men would win.Oscar Heidenstam, George Kirkly,Emlyn Jenkins, David Webster,PETER SELDON, Bert Loveday, Jack Boddington and Ted White were the reputable 7 judges who did their work well."
In Muscle Builder magazine September 1955,page 22 in the NABBA Mr.Universe report of the 1955 contest, in which Leo Robert won the pro title and Mickey Hargity the amateur, mentioning the judges it states "In all the Mr.Universe was a thrilling event and we bring you the picture highlights taken at the scene of action.The judges were Dr.I.J. MacQueen,Oscar Heidenstam,George Kirkly,Emlyn Jenkins,David Webster, Norman Guest and PETER SELDON who performed their hard earned official jobs impartially and capably."
Taken from the MUSCLE MEMORY website.
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